Latest News in Lisbon, Portugal

Caravel On Wheels Par : Francisco CANDEIAS 05-11-2018 Il y a 1 Semaine 05 Novembre 2018

Guided Tour With Caravel On Wheels

Caravel On Wheel is an interactive guided tour that shows you around Lisbon. It takes you through the most important sights in just over an hour. Find out more about it here. Lire cet article
Christmas Markets Par : Francisco CANDEIAS 30-10-2018 Il y a 2 semaines 30 Octobre 2018

A Lot of Shopping and Solidarity in Lisbon’s Christmas Markets

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There are many places where you can do your Christmas shopping in Lisbon. Here are our suggestions of the top Christmas markets in town. Don't miss out on any! Lire cet article
Running or walking in Lisbon Par : Carlos P 29-10-2018 Il y a 2 semaines 29 Octobre 2018

Running or Walking Across Lisbon Towards New Year’s

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The Menu for organised running and walking in Lisbon offers a wide choice until New Year. Races and walks can also be a way to get to know and enjoy the city Lire cet article
The new book of Bela Silva Par : Carlos P 28-10-2018 Il y a 2 semaines 28 Octobre 2018

Bela Silva in a New Book that is a Trip from Lisbon to Brussels

Bela Silva's new book shows the multiplicity of the artist and tells the story of this portuguese artist that was born in Lisbon but has a second home in Brussels Lire cet article
French Embassy in Lisbon Par : Carlos P 28-10-2018 Il y a 2 semaines 28 Octobre 2018

The Portuguese Royal Palace that is Embassy to the French in Lisbon

The home of several portuguese kings and many aristocratic families is the embassy of the french in Lisbon. A royal palace decorated with rare tiles and frescos. Lire cet article
Quel Amour!? Par : Francisco CANDEIAS 15-10-2018 Il y a 1 Mois 15 Octobre 2018

Quel Amour!? at the Museu Coleção Berardo

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Our thoughts on Quel Amour!? at the Museu Coleção Berardo from the 10th October until the 17th February 2019. Violent, tranquil, cutting and, above all, plural love. Lire cet article
Petisco Route 2018 Par : Francisco CANDEIAS 09-10-2018 Il y a 1 Mois 09 Octobre 2018

The Petisco Route is Back to the Algarve

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CultureLisbon Tourism
The Petisco route is back to the Algarve. This time, 277 restaurants and cafés participate in this initiative by Teia d'impulses cultural association to bring to you the best… Lire cet article
Guide to Portuguese Cuisine Par : Francisco CANDEIAS 03-10-2018 Il y a 2 Mois 03 Octobre 2018

A Very Useful Guide to Portuguese Cuisine

Lucy Pepper and Célia Pedroso are the authors of a useful guide to Portuguese cuisine. The book includes a glossary, a dictionary and even a restaurant directory so that you can… Lire cet article
TOPO Belém Par : Francisco CANDEIAS 03-10-2018 Il y a 2 Mois 03 Octobre 2018

TOPO Belém | Here’s why you should go there

TOPO Belém is the family's newest member and it's neck to neck with its older brothers in what regards the staff, the food and the breathtaking instagrammable view over the Tagus… Lire cet article
French Cinema Festival Par : Francisco CANDEIAS 02-10-2018 Il y a 2 Mois 02 Octobre 2018

The French Cinema Festival will be brought to eleven different cities

The French Cinema Festival is just around the corner and this time it will spread across 11 Portuguese cities. Keep up with the program here to make sure you don't miss out on… Lire cet article
Lisboa Fashion Week Par : Francisco CANDEIAS 02-10-2018 Il y a 2 Mois 02 Octobre 2018

Lisboa Fashion Week fills the city with fashion and anticipates summer 2019

Lisbon Fashion Week starts soon and it will be one of the biggest events of the year. It will spread across four different venues with very distinctive characteristic. Find out… Lire cet article
Best Emerging Culture City Award Par : Francisco CANDEIAS 29-09-2018 Il y a 2 Mois 29 Septembre 2018

Lisbon Is The Best City in Emerging Culture

Lisbon is recognized by the Leading Culture Destination Awards and wins "Best Emerging Culture City Award". This is the first time Lisbon gets an award strictly for its culture. Lire cet article
Lisbon Food Week Par : Francisco CANDEIAS 27-09-2018 Il y a 2 Mois 27 Septembre 2018

Attention foodies! Here comes Lisbon Food Week

Lisbon Food Week has arrived to shake Lisbon's restaurants to the very core. Dozens of both national and international celebrity chefs will try their hardest to come up with… Lire cet article
The Best Chocolate Cakes Par : Francisco CANDEIAS 24-09-2018 Il y a 2 Mois 24 Septembre 2018

Lisbon's Best and Most Famous Chocolate Cakes

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Lisbon Restaurants
"O Melhor Bolo de Chocolate do Mundo" and "Landeau" are the two most famous Portuguese-born chocolate cakes. They have already gathered fans all over the world for their texture… Lire cet article
My Comporta with Cathrine Austad Par : Francisco CANDEIAS 14-09-2018 Il y a 2 Mois 14 Septembre 2018

My Comporta with... Businesswoman Cathrine Austad

Discover Comporta through the eyes of businesswoman Cathrine Austad and find out about her favorite places to visit and things to do. Lire cet article