Latest News in Lisbon, Portugal

Futuros de Lisboa Par : João GALVÃO 28-07-2018 Il y a 7 Mois 28 Juillet 2018

Lisbon Futures (Futuros de Lisboa) to See at Torreão Poente

How is the Lisbon future(s) predictable? This exhibiton at Torreão Poente, Lisbon Museums Polo, reveals and illustrate. Lire cet article
folkmonção 2018 Par : João GALVÃO 27-07-2018 Il y a 7 Mois 27 Juillet 2018

Folkmonção: the World Dances

Folk growing expressions are a way of counter a Global Village that just a few defende. Folkmonção it is a proof. Lire cet article
Book exhibition at Orient Museum Par : João GALVÃO 26-07-2018 Il y a 7 Mois 26 Juillet 2018

An Exhibition Never Read, Sorry, Seen

To see at Museu Oriente, 36 books part of Arrábida Convent Library, an unmissable exhibition for folio lovers and collectors. Lire cet article
Eating in Comporta Par : Carlos P 25-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 25 Juillet 2018

7 Irresistible Delicacies You Have to Try in Comporta's Restaurants

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Seven petiscos not to miss when visiting Comporta. Have a look at our staff's pick of seven irresistible delicacies to try in Comporta's best restaurants and cafés. Lire cet article
Gardunha Battle Par : João GALVÃO 25-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 25 Juillet 2018

Castelo Novo: how to celebrate an Interplanetary Battle

Come To Castelo Novo historical village, and learn all about local tales, not about fairies, but about ET's on a battle Lire cet article
Bar das Cardosas Cocktails Par : João GALVÃO 24-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 24 Juillet 2018

Bar das Cardosas: If the Friars Knew They Would Return Running

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NewsPortugal Tourism
Bar das Cardosas, at Hotel Intercontinental, Porto, presents a new Cocktail menu for summer days. Lire cet article
Bordallo Factory Outlet Par : João GALVÃO 23-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 23 Juillet 2018

Bordallo China Outlet: Low Cost Tradition

Bordallo Pinheiro Factory, at Caldas da Rainha, has an outlet to go crazy with china and prices. Lire cet article
 Route of the Cathedrals Par : João GALVÃO 22-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 22 Juillet 2018

On the Route of the Cathedrals Exhibition to See at Ajuda

Portuguese cathedrals has a Route designed as a museological ensemble. All to be seen at Palácio Nacional da Ajuda. Lire cet article
Mónica Santos Par : João GALVÃO 21-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 21 Juillet 2018

Mónica Santos: a Stereo Armchair

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NewsPortugal Tourism
Monica Santos won the first price of 10th National Creative Industries Award with Moon, a singing armchair Lire cet article
7 Gastronomic Wonders Par : João GALVÃO 20-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 20 Juillet 2018

The First ‘7 Table Wonders’ Gala is Served

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NewsPortugal Tourism
7 Portuguese Gastronomic Wanders it's my kind of contest: all a country, served on a platter, each dish standing for a region and its culture. Lire cet article
Building Stories, CCB Par : João GALVÃO 19-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 19 Juillet 2018

Building Stories at CCB, an Out of the Box Exhibition

Building Stories exhibition, at Garagem Sul CCB, brings a joint venture by 3 architecture ateliers the reveals architecture backstage. Lire cet article
Gulbenkian joins Lisbon Metro Par : João GALVÃO 19-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 19 Juillet 2018

Metropolitano de Lisboa: Deep Art

An undergroug exhibition on Lisbon tube stations, with Gulbenkian Museum precious help Lire cet article
Best Pastéis de Nata in Lisbon Par : Joana P. 19-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 19 Juillet 2018

The 3 best Custard Tarts in Lisbon

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Portuguese pastries are famous worldwide but none as much as the custard tart. The Portuguese egg tart, called pastel de nata, can be found in every Lisbon café. Here is our list… Lire cet article
Aga Khan's palace Par : Francisco CANDEIAS 18-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 18 Juillet 2018

Exclusive Pictures of Aga Khan's New Lisbon Home

Aga Khan has just moved into one of Lisbon's most luxurious palaces. Here you can find an inside view of one of the most sumptuous rooms in the building. Lire cet article
Aga Khan IV in Lisbon Par : Carlos P 17-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 17 Juillet 2018

Aga Khan Inaugurates New House in Lisbon

Aga Khan IV chose Palacete Mendonça in Lisbon as the headquarters for the Aga Khan Foundation. Find out about the history of this Lisbon landmark. Lire cet article