Latest News in Lisbon, Portugal

PO.RO.S Par : João GALVÃO 17-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 17 Juillet 2018

PO.RO.S at Condeixa: a New Museology

PO.RO.S at Condeixa it's the latest fashion on museum experience. Forget dusty display cases, 3D is the new museology. Lire cet article
Five most iconic Lisbon cafes Par : Joana P. 17-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 17 Juillet 2018

The 5 most iconic Lisbon cafés

There are plenty of places to have coffee in Lisbon but none are as iconic as these. Have a look at our list of the 5 best Lisbon cafés. Lire cet article
Boom Festival Par : João GALVÃO 16-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 16 Juillet 2018

Boom Festival, a Celebration of Life

Boom Festival is the quintessence of summer festivals. A great opportunitie to discover Portugal untouched inland. Lire cet article
Festival ao Largo 2018 Par : João GALVÃO 14-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 14 Juillet 2018

Festival ao Largo 2018, a Living Square

Festival ao Largo it's good and free of charge. There are not so many things alike, arrive early, Largo de São Carlos is not so spacious, and good spots are few. Lire cet article
Palacio Nacional da Ajuda Par : João GALVÃO 14-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 14 Juillet 2018

Palácio Nacional da Ajuda: Finally Done After More Than 250 Years

Palácio Nacional da Ajuda has been an unfinished work for 250 years. Now will be completed to receive properly the Crown Jewels. Lire cet article
Serralves: “Há Luz no Parque” Par : João GALVÃO 13-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 13 Juillet 2018

Serralves: “Há Luz no Parque”

"Há Luz no Parque!" again! Visit Serralves after dark, and see it on a new perspective. Do not miss João Paulo Feliciano work, specialized artist on light and lightning. Lire cet article
Reencontros at Sintra Par : João GALVÃO 12-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 12 Juillet 2018

“Reencontros”: Musical Memories in the National Palace of Sintra

"Reencontros" musical cycle to see at most beautiful, and oldest, Palácio Nacional de Sintra. From Middle Ages to Renaissance. Lire cet article
CP Train Rides Par : João GALVÃO 09-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 09 Juillet 2018

Train Rides: Vintage Travel, in Time and Space

Three reasons to get a train and none for work. Discover the north of the country on board the CP historic trains, during all summer. Lire cet article
Comporta has grown Par : Carlos P 07-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 07 Juillet 2018

Comporta Is Swarming with Life

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Comporta has grown and there are new restaurants and shops opening almost every day. Here is our account of Praia da Comporta's new attractions that promise to bring even more… Lire cet article
Nova SBE Par : João GALVÃO 07-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 07 Juillet 2018

Nova SBE: A College Minding Millennials

The Nova School of Business & Economics, at Carcavelos, starts already at this 2018/19 scholar year. A college with a view, for millennials. Lire cet article
Pieter Hugo Exhibition Par : João GALVÃO 05-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 05 Juillet 2018

Pieter Hugo at Museu Coleção Berardo

There is a new exhibition at Museu Coleção Berardo that reminds us of the fragile human condition. All through exempt Pieter Hugo's camera. Lire cet article
Santo António Exhibition Par : João GALVÃO 03-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 03 Juillet 2018

Santo António after Santo António

Santo António procession is one the most relevant religious events in Lisbon. Didn't see it yet? Come to EGEAC temporary exhibitions gallery, see it in traditional Portuguese… Lire cet article
Animal Inside Out Par : João GALVÃO 02-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 02 Juillet 2018

Animal Inside Out at Cordoaria

The Animal Inside Out exhibition brings interior wildlife, literally, to Cordoaria. Another show with the Body Worlds seal, to see until the end of September. Lire cet article
Porsche at Caramulo Par : João GALVÃO 01-07-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 01 Juillet 2018

Porsche: a Deluxe Retrospective at Museu do Caramulo

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The iconic Porsche brand will be shown until October at Museu do Caramulo, 'the' Portuguese automobile museum. Also, do not miss Rampa challenge, middle July. Lire cet article
Casa Achilles Par : João GALVÃO 29-06-2018 Il y a 8 Mois 29 Juin 2018

Casa Achilles: Artistic Metal Fittings

Casa Achilles have more than 100 years casting artistic metal fittings, in sand moulds. Meet the house and the workshop, a living page on Lisbon History. Lire cet article