Latest News in Lisbon, Portugal

Slaughterhouse Porto Par : João GALVÃO 07-06-2018 Il y a 9 Mois 07 Juin 2018

Slaughterhouse: New Space of Life at Oporto

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In the old municipal slaughterhouse, at Porto, a new space will be used by companies, but will have also artistic spaces, leisure and museums. Lire cet article
LandArt Cascais Par : João GALVÃO 06-06-2018 Il y a 9 Mois 06 Juin 2018

Cascais: LandArt 2018, Nature as a Plinth

The LandArt Cascais is an exhibition of public art that takes place in Quinta do Pisão, a stunning space inserted in the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais Lire cet article
Interview - Joel Moedas-Miguel Par : João GALVÃO 04-06-2018 Il y a 9 Mois 04 Juin 2018

Joel Moedas-Miguel

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Joel Moedas-Miguel historian, guide and travel agent, reveals Lisbon to those who want to know better, whether they are tourists or curious locals Lire cet article
Porches Craft Beer Fest Par : Inês ALMEIDA 04-06-2018 Il y a 9 Mois 04 Juin 2018

1st edition of Porches Craft Beer Fest takes place in the Algarve

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On June 1, the VILA VITA Biergarten, located in the picturesque village of Porches, hosts the first edition of the Porches Craft Beer Fest Lire cet article
Carta Esplanada Astória Par : João GALVÃO 03-06-2018 Il y a 9 Mois 03 Juin 2018

Astória at Oporto: All Day Dining, al Fresco

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Portugal Tourism
The Astória Restaurant, at the InterContinental Porto-Palácio of Cardosas, has a new menu designed by Chef Francisco Pico, for the summer days in Invicta Lire cet article
Faro Museum Par : João GALVÃO 02-06-2018 Il y a 9 Mois 02 Juin 2018

Ocean God Mosaic at Faro: the Latest National Treasure

After 3 years of process, the Roman Mosaic, Ocean God, of the Municipal Museum of Faro was finally classified as National Treasure. Lire cet article
TPOTY in Sintra Par : João GALVÃO 02-06-2018 Il y a 9 Mois 02 Juin 2018

Travel Photographer of the Year to Visit Sintra

15th edition of TPOTY, the main competition and world exhibition of travel photography, takes place in Sintra, from June 2 to August 26. Lire cet article
BB Blues Fest Par : João GALVÃO 30-05-2018 Il y a 10 Mois 30 Mai 2018

BB Blues Fest, the

The BB Blues Fest - 7th edition, in Baixa da Banheira, Barreiro - starts on May 31 until June 3, during four days, this village will be on the route of lovers of the Blues. Lire cet article
Pousada Vila de Óbidos Par : Inês ALMEIDA 29-05-2018 Il y a 10 Mois 29 Mai 2018

Pestana opens new hotel unit in the village of Óbidos

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Hotels Portugal
The Pestana Hotel Group presented yesterday the first phase of Pousada Vila de Óbidos, located within the walls of the medieval village Lire cet article
Sai Prego Par : Inês ALMEIDA 28-05-2018 Il y a 10 Mois 28 Mai 2018

Sai Prego Is the New Restaurant of Vitor Sobral in Lisbon

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Lisbon Restaurants
Located on Rua do Conde Redondo in Lisbon, the restaurant Sai Prego opens its doors to all lovers of one of the best Portuguese snacks Lire cet article
Casa dell’Arte Par : Inês ALMEIDA 28-05-2018 Il y a 10 Mois 28 Mai 2018

Casa dell'Arte has already opened, a hotel where art is queen

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Hotels Portugal
Casa dell'Arte was born in Campo de Santa Clara, a luxury hotel unit that counts only six suites, designed by the Turkish businesswoman Ahu Serter Lire cet article
Global Traveler Par : Inês ALMEIDA 23-05-2018 Il y a 10 Mois 23 Mai 2018

Lisbon voted Best Leisure Destination in Europe

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Global Traveler presented Lisbon with the Best Leisure Destination in Europe, in the 6th edition of the Leisure Lifestyle Awards for an excellent experience Lire cet article
Gulbenkian Exhibition Par : Inês ALMEIDA 10-05-2018 Il y a 10 Mois 10 Mai 2018

Post-pop or when Portugal weren´t enough for portuguese artists

Pop Art arises in the second half of the 60s. In the case of Portuguese artists, the experimentation, allowed and transformed Pop influence zone. Lire cet article
Boteco Veggie da Mafalda Par : Inês ALMEIDA 24-04-2018 Il y a 11 Mois 24 Avril 2018

Being a Vegetarian Tastes Better at Boteco Veggie da Mafalda

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Lisbon Restaurants
Discover Boteco Veggie da Mafalda, a restaurant located in Bairro Alto, whose menu contains vegetarian options, most of which are also raw and vegan Lire cet article
Quality of Life Par : Inês ALMEIDA 28-03-2018 Il y a 1 an 28 Mars 2018

Lisbon's Quality of Living Is Higher Than in Paris

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Lisbon is amongst the 50 cities with the best quality of living worldwide, recently ranking 38th in Mercer's. Lire cet article