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Ultra Marathon 2018 Par : João GALVÃO 21-06-2018 Il y a 18 Heures 21 Juin 2018

Ultra Marathon 2018; this is not for beginners

The Ultra Atlantic Marathon, between Melides and Troia involves running 43 km in sand. No? Try instead the Atlantic Race with less than half the distance. Both on the 1st of July. Lire cet article
Museu Berardo 11 birthday Par : Sónia SEARA SILVESTRE 20-06-2018 Il y a 2 jours 20 Juin 2018

Museu Berardo Celebrates its 11th Year

On June 23rd and 24th Museu Coleção Berardo will celebrate 11 years with free entrance and special activities. The Museum’s reception will be the meeting point. Lire cet article
Youth Hostels Par : João GALVÃO 20-06-2018 Il y a 2 jours 20 Juin 2018

Pousadas da Juventude: No money? Funny funny!

Pousadas da Juventude, Youth Hostels at Portugal, are ideal for cheap travelers. Moreover, they are fun and most of times nearby historical centre or im the middle of Nature. Lire cet article
Arraial Pride Lisboa Par : João GALVÃO 19-06-2018 Il y a 3 jours 19 Juin 2018

Arraial Pride: the gayer party in Portugal

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It is already on the 23rd that the biggest LGBTI party arrives in Lisbon and Portugal. But the Arraial Lisboa Pride is for everyone. Lire cet article
Interview Filipa Teles Par : Sónia SEARA SILVESTRE 19-06-2018 Il y a 3 jours 19 Juin 2018

Interview: Rua do Mundo by Filipa Teles

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Lisbon-idée went to meet Filipa Teles, creator of the store Rua do Mundo, which focuses on capturing Lusofonia in different media types Lire cet article
Interview Hara Vuelta Par : Sónia SEARA SILVESTRE 18-06-2018 Il y a 4 jours 18 Juin 2018

In Lisboa i have found quality of life.

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Hara Vuelta comes from Spain, works as Director and Booker for the London agency, Real London Casting and has moved to Portugal Lire cet article
Bom Porto Par : João GALVÃO 13-06-2018 Il y a 1 Semaine 13 Juin 2018

An expat arrived at Bom Porto

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In Rua do Rosário we find the Bom Porto that Philippe-Didier Fouligny opened when he moved to Porto, an interior shop / art gallery Lire cet article
Jewish Lisboa on foot Par : João GALVÃO 12-06-2018 Il y a 1 Semaine 12 Juin 2018

Jewish Lisboa to discover on foot

Walking tours through Jewish Lisbon with the Green Trekker. A story with happy chapters and others not so much. Lire cet article
The Color Run Par : Inês ALMEIDA 11-06-2018 Il y a 2 semaines 11 Juin 2018

The Color Run will color the streets of Oeiras on July 7

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After having colored the streets of Coimbra on May 27, The Color Run is now preparing to fill the Jamor by color. The match is scheduled for 17h Lire cet article
Leiria: The Door Festival Par : João GALVÃO 09-06-2018 Il y a 2 semaines 09 Juin 2018

Leiria: the Door and the Plastic House

The Festival The Door reveals the best of Leiria, proposing several cultural itineraries with local, national and international artists, between June 16 and 24 Lire cet article
Oficina do Duque Par : Inês ALMEIDA 08-06-2018 Il y a 2 semaines 08 Juin 2018

This sardine is not holy, it is extraordinary

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Restaurants Lisbon
Popular Saints are at the door and also come to Oficina do Duque. The restaurant of chef Rui Rebelo marks the most typical festivities in Lisbon Lire cet article
Slaughterhouse Porto Par : João GALVÃO 07-06-2018 Il y a 2 semaines 07 Juin 2018

Slaughterhouse: new space of life at Oporto

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In the old municipal slaughterhouse, at Porto, a new space will be used by companies, but will have also artistic spaces, leisure and museums. Lire cet article
LandArt Cascais Par : João GALVÃO 06-06-2018 Il y a 2 semaines 06 Juin 2018

Cascais: LandArt 2018, nature as a plinth

The LandArt Cascais is an exhibition of public art that takes place in Quinta do Pisão, a stunning space inserted in the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais Lire cet article
Interview - Joel Moedas-Miguel Par : João GALVÃO 04-06-2018 Il y a 3 semaines 04 Juin 2018

João Moedas-Miguel: "I love to be a tourist at my own city"

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Joel Moedas-Miguel historian, guide and travel agent, reveals Lisbon to those who want to know better, whether they are tourists or curious locals Lire cet article
Porches Craft Beer Fest Par : Inês ALMEIDA 04-06-2018 Il y a 3 semaines 04 Juin 2018

1st edition of Porches Craft Beer Fest takes place in the Algarve

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Portugal Tourism
On June 1, the VILA VITA Biergarten, located in the picturesque village of Porches, hosts the first edition of the Porches Craft Beer Fest Lire cet article