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Comporta Trivago Posté par : Joana CIDADES 05-07-2017 Il y a 3 Mois 05 Juillet 2017

Trivago highlights Comporta as the trend destination in Portugal

Travel to Comporta in Portugal for a relaxed stay! Trivago considers the zone as the great beach destination. Enjoy this peaceful place... Lire cet article
Tourism Lisbon Posté par : Joana CIDADES 24-06-2017 Il y a 3 Mois 24 Juin 2017

Tourism in Lisbon in 2017 reveals a bigger growth than in 2016

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Lisbon Tourism
Discover how tourism in Lisbon is growing! With plenty to see and to explore the Portuguese capital is the right city to visit nowadays. Lire cet article
Radio Palace events Posté par : Joana CIDADES 22-06-2017 Il y a 3 Mois 22 Juin 2017

Radio Palace in Lisbon has hosted numerous events since it opened

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If haven't been aware of the news, visit the Radio Palace in Lisbon! Several events have take place in this unique palace from the 19th century. Lire cet article
Aqualand Algarve Posté par : Joana CIDADES 18-06-2017 Il y a 3 Mois 18 Juin 2017

Aqualand in Algarve is one of the biggest water parks in Portugal

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Have fun in Aqualand, a water park in Algarve where you can bring all the family. The multiple amusement areas assure you a great day. Lire cet article
Sorbettino Lisbon Posté par : Joana CIDADES 14-06-2017 Il y a 4 Mois 14 Juin 2017

Sorbettino: the new ice scream shop in Lisbon

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For the ice cream lovers, Lisbon has new spot to discover. Sorbettino, in Chiado, presents you different ice creams made according to science. Lire cet article
Level Eight Posté par : Joana CIDADES 13-06-2017 Il y a 4 Mois 13 Juin 2017

Discover Level Eight, the most recent rooftop in Lisbon

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Have a nice evening at Level Eight, the new rooftop in Lisbon. Besides the music and pleasant view, the food and cocktails complete the plan. Lire cet article
Marta Rocha Posté par : Joana CIDADES 12-06-2017 Il y a 4 Mois 12 Juin 2017

Discover Lisbon with... the radio presenter Marta Rocha

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Have a diferent trip to Lisbon by following some of Marta Rocha's idea. Discover the tips of this portuguese radio presenter and have a nice time. Lire cet article
Hard Rock Café Posté par : Joana CIDADES 11-06-2017 Il y a 4 Mois 11 Juin 2017

Burguers for cents at Hard Rock Cafe Lisboa

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If you wish to eat delicious burgers for a low price, discover the event held at Hard Rock Café Lisboa. For less then 1 euro, taste many recipes. Lire cet article
Hotels Portugal Posté par : Joana CIDADES 10-06-2017 Il y a 4 Mois 10 Juin 2017

More than 80 hotels will be open in Portugal until 2018

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Choosing a hotel in Portugal for your next vacations will be easy as the offer grows. Until the end of 2018, the country will open more than 80 hotels. Lire cet article
Miguel Araújo Posté par : Joana CIDADES 09-06-2017 Il y a 4 Mois 09 Juin 2017

Miguel Araújo will perform a free concert today in Chiado

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Miguel Araújo, one of the most famousPortuguese musicians, is giving a free concert today! Visit Armazéns do Chiado, in Lisbon, and discover his songs. Lire cet article
Ana Neves Posté par : Joana CIDADES 06-06-2017 Il y a 4 Mois 06 Juin 2017

Discover Lisbon with... the journalist Ana Neves

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Discover a new side of Lisbon with the journalist Ana Neves. Get to know new places and detailsin the Portuguese capital and have a nice trip. Lire cet article
À La Carte Posté par : Joana CIDADES 06-06-2017 Il y a 4 Mois 06 Juin 2017

Restaurants in Lumiar served À La Carte

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In Lumiar À La Carte gastronomical week is the perfect plan to discover portuguese dishes and other types of cuisine in Lisbon. Lire cet article
Algarve Forbes Posté par : Joana CIDADES 05-06-2017 Il y a 4 Mois 05 Juin 2017

Forbes considers Algarve more than a beach destination

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There are many secrets to discover in Algarve according to Forbes! The southern region of Portugal has amazing landscapes and great places to rest. Lire cet article
Queluz Palace gardens Posté par : Joana CIDADES 04-06-2017 Il y a 4 Mois 04 Juin 2017

The garden of the Queluz Palace reopens on June 5th after its restoration

The Palace of Queluz presents you its restored gardens, now resembling what they were in the 17th century, with greenhouses, fountains and many plants. Lire cet article
Ana Garcia Martins Posté par : Joana CIDADES 01-06-2017 Il y a 4 Mois 01 Juin 2017

Discover Lisbon with... the blogger Ana Garcia Martins

The famous blogger Ana Garcia Martins gives you to know her vision of Lisbon, so that you can discover new places and details during your visit. Lire cet article