Attractions in Portugal

Attractions in Portugal

Mild climate, 3000 hours of sunshine per year and 850 kilometers of coastline surrounded by the Atlantic ocean, make Portugal one of the most desirable destinations in Europe.



Portuguese cuisine is definitely one of the national treasures. Opening up to the world and increasingly showing signs of cohabiting an area of global influences, does not fail to honor its tradition simultaneously. It is as diverse as its landscape and is especially marked by its proximity to the sea.


As the fish and seafood are the essence of Portuguese cuisine, dishes like the Cozido à portuguesa, arroz de cabidela and bacalhau à  Lagareiro are authentic standards of the Portuguese culinary identity.



It is known that the production of wine in Portugal dates back from Roman times. It is also known that these are one of the " house treasures" and that they differ among the various regions of the country, where the wines are produced- and these are few of the best attractions that the country has to offer.

Whether it is the Douro region indissociably linked with producing excellent wines of Dão and Alentejo, is a guarantee that those who visit Portugal do not forget the wines tasted.


Another of the most alluring features of Portugal is related to its prime location on planet earth: the hours of sunshine it gets throughout the year. The climate range of the country is so that, inspite of  hot and humid winters, the temperatures are always pleasant, allowing to walk and discover the country during any time of year.

Besides the seasons, the weather is also influenced by altitude and proximity to the sea. In the north the climate is generally cooler and humid, while in the regions of Lisbon, Alentejo and especially the Algarve the summers are long and hot, with temperatures between 35 and 40 degrees.Madeira already has a mild subtropical climate throughout the year and the Azores should be visited in the warmer months because their winters tend to be windy and wet.



Being a country with 800 years of history and preceded by the occupation of many other peoples and cultures, which now verifies that the cultural level is a complex fusion of all these influences .

The monuments and traditions, fado and folklore crafts, tiles, art: all of this is Portugal. Inspite of the fact that the country is small in size but big in content, is increasing as a destination of choice.



The Portuguese people are known for their hospitality and the warm welcoming , the taste for bohemian life and a chat. Moreover, its versatility to learn new languages or at least to make yourself understood is another of the strong attributes of Portugal.

There is no country without people  ,contributing to give a humane touch to the landscape, the food, monuments. Without their smiles and good service, a happy stay is not guaranteed. Not speaking for everyone, , but Portuguese welcome you warmly in their home.