Attractions in Lisbon

Discover the places you can not miss to visit in Lisbon

It is difficult to highlight the major places of interest in Lisbon, a city that has so much to see and learn. But there are those who meet the general consensus and can not leave the Portuguese capital without visiting all the main sightseeings.


Castelo de São Jorge

One of the sights of the city is this fortress located on one of the highest points of Lisbon and has the best panoramic views of the city and the Tagus river estuary. This historic building was once inhabited by Romans, Visigoths and Moors and the Portuguese Royal Family from the twelfth century.

Currently it attracts over a million visitors , including many foreigners who choose to enjoy this beautiful place  to prove Lisbon to be the city of seven hills.



Going to Lisbon without seeing Bethlehem is losing a lot of what this city has to offer. No shortage of things to visit and experience this area of the city from oMosteiro Jeronimos, the most visited monument in Portugal the Belém Tower or Padrão dos Descobrimentos- authentic stone tributes and lime to the historical heritage of the Discoverers and the strong bond of Portuguese to the sea, to the CCB - Centro Cultural de Belém, which is noted for a worthy art collection . Also, if you are still not very convinced, here is the store of Pastel de Belém, the Portuguese most famous culinary relic.



Just below the castle is the most visited typical Lisbon neighborhood . Within the net of typical streets and alleys of the Middle Ages, one is constantly surprised by hidden squares, churches and typical taverns of that times (cafes and taverns with food at affordable prices), and whitewashed houses adorned with iron balconies and flower pots. This former Jewish quarter is one of the most typical of the city, a kind of village in the middle of the urban jungle.