Lisbon Neighbourhoods

Discover the Lisbon neighbourhoods, where the true local spirit live

The essence of Lisbon is found across its different neighbourhoods

The identity of Lisbon is spread all over the different neighbourhoods of the city. Despite not being the formal andministrative division of the capital, it is the most known by the locals. There are neighbourhoods comprising more than one parish and parishes that occupy more than one neighbourhood. The tradicional neighbourhoods must not be confused with fiscal ones or with the main four administrative neighbourhoods of Lisbon.

The concept of neighbourhood, as an urban ensemble of similar buildings, has appeared during the Industrial Revolution since it was necessary to accomodate factory workers coming to the city. However, before this houses were already being built according to a specific order, forming urban clusters inside Lisbon - one example is the ancient neighbourhood of Alfama. The first great urban project of this kind happened after the 1755 hearthquake, with the construction of the downtown area - today known as Baixa Pombalina. Nonetheless, it was only in the begining of the XXth century that Lisbon gained most of the neighbourhoods we know today.