Graça - the neighborhood that feels Lisbon

The historic district - Graça


In Largo da Graça the day I was born 
I heard a bird, I stole the melody
My love from afar has called
Blessing the joy


"My love from afar" the singer Raquel Tavares



On the highest of the seven hills, lies the historic neighborhood of Graça. This can feel the genuine Lisbon atmosphere and its people, who live in this neighborhood in perfect harmony with the locals who most recently gathered, including many foreigners who have allowed themselves to be captivated by this prestigious area of Lisbon.



The Graça neighborhood is located next to the iconic São Jorge Castle, known for superb views offering to its visitors. Also, this neighborhood include are two well- known belvederes, the viewpoint Graça and viewpoint Senhora do Monte.



This is one of the most beautiful old neighborhoods of the Portuguese capital, which saw its population increase after the devastating earthquake that occurred in 1755, when he joined the parishes (now extinct) of St. Andrew and St. Navy.



Today Graça is a very rich and diverse neighborhood containing square, sights and buildings ranging from the simplest of homes to the most imposing palace. It is an area that appeals not only to places like foreigners, for its soul, historical value and top location.




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