Family trip

Lisbon Is The Ideal Destination For A Family Trip

Going to Lisbon with family make sure you not miss the zoo, the Oceanarium and the Gulbenkian Planetarium


The capital and the fifth safest country in the world, has a mild climate that allows touring without much of the clothing on and where the main points can be reached walking. Moreover, it has plenty activities for the younger ones, suitable for a family trip, both outdoors and indoors.


Take your kids to walk through Lisbon on a family trip in friendly yellow tram , show the Castle of St. George and let them imagine that they are fearless knights surrounded by walls. In the Oceanarium you can get to know the rich marine fauna and the beautiful animals in the Zoo s inhabiting this planet. With great abundance of activities just pack up and bring the children to the Portuguese capital!



Recreational park do  alto da Serafina

It is also known as Park of the Indians and is located in the middle of the green part of Monsanto. It has a playground for children up to five years, with swings, slides and roundabouts. In the area dedicated to kids from 6 to 12 years towers with slides and a pond with a lighthouse and a boat. This park also offers a children's driving circuit, an inflatable area and space to have lunch.




This is one of the most popular entertainment choices for families traveling with children. The Lisbon Zoo has about 2,000 animals of 330 different species. There you can see elephants, lions, giraffes, snakes, kangaroos and gorillas, among many others. It also has access to the spectacle of dolphins and Farmhouse, which has several pets. If this alone is enough to impress any child, you still have to get the train and cable car to go around the zoo and make the day this family trip even more memorable.



It is the most popular attraction in Lisbon for a family trip, receiving about one million annual visits. It is located in the Park of Nations and contains about eight thousand animals and plants. Altogether there are more than five hundred species living in seven million liters of salt water. Between sea otters, sharks, penguins and coral reefs, visitors to the Oceanarium can be entertained for hours. It is considered the best aquarium in Europe, also has an educational component, sensitizing the younger of the importance of preservation of marine resources.



Pavilion of Knowledge (Pavilhão do Conhecimento)

This is the right place to engage your children to the world of science. Through thematic exhibitions and interactive modules, intended for visitors of all ages, this space gives you to know and experience the science. Experiences like wearing a fact velcro and stay glued to the wall or lie on a nail bed , which last year received the Tripadvisor award for "2015 travelers choice".



Calouste Gulbenkian Planetarium

It is located in Bethlehem since 1965 and approaching the general public of astronomy. Every day there are realized by projections of the night sky, where visitors can see and enjoy over 9000 stars and enjoy a unique experience. These demonstrations take place in Portuguese, English and French and explain the movement of stars and the solar system. Apart from these, the Calouste Gulbenkian Planetarium other activities of educational nature.