Romance in Lisbon

Best places for romance in Lisbon

Lisbon is not only one of the most exciting cities in Europe, which offers activities for the whole family and beach at night for the teens, as it is also the ideal destination for couples in love.


The history, the sights, the much acclaimed light and the famous cuisine of the city that looks over the Tagus are the perfect frame for a novel. 

Come and discover the ideal places for romance in Lisbon:



1. See Lisbon from the top of an observation deck


There is no shortage of belvederes in Lisbon to be able to see the city with your partner, as the sun goes down. One of the most romantic is the belvedere of São Pedro de Alcântara, located in Principe Real, with its green spaces and its stone busts.

Only in the Graça neighborhood has two fabulous sights, the viewpoint Nossa Senhora do Monte and Graça belvederes. From the viewpoint of the Portas do Sol, located near the Castelo de São Jorge, you get a view over the old town of Lisbon that appears like on a postcard.



2. Take a boat trip along the Tagus

Moving through the Tagus water on the boat - is the most romantic way to enjoy Lisbon landscape. This way you can see the whole profile of the city planted by the river, as the most iconic monuments of the capital in contrast to the natural environment.

There are several ways to sail Tagus on the boat, a more regular economic circuit, is a private sailboat with degustation of  some treats and massage treatments, even more suitable for those looking for romantic experiences in Lisbon. In addition, there are themed rides to see the sunset or visit the Christ the King, for example. So just choose and take a ride.



3.  Lose yourself in Sintra


Sintra is the most romantic town in Portugal, perhaps, also in the world. With its palaces , that seem to emerge from fairy tales, its typical houses and kilometers of verdant hills, believe that there you will want to get lost with the person who likes the long walks.Be sure to visit the Pena Palace, that will delight you with bright colors and architectural intricate details, or touring the historic area of Sintra, not forgetting to go taste the typical portuguese sweet - travesseiro a delicacy that meets the most sweet tooth appetites.





4. São Jorge Castle


It is one of the monuments "required" in a trip to Lisbon, its history (it was conquered by the first Portuguese king in 1147) and the breathtaking view it provides. Any couple will feel like the king and queen in this beautiful walled building on top the highest hill of Lisbon.This beautiful castle was built in the sixth century and occupied by Romans and Visigoths before being taken over by Arabs. In one of the rooms of the castle there is a collection of archaeological finds, but fundamentally this attraction is worth the visit.




5. View the sunset by the river at Cais das Colunas 


There are few more romantic plans to watch the sun set in the sea in the company of the person you love. Lisbon is the only European capital where you see the sun setting on the sea. But to see it you have to travel to Belém, where the Tagus meets the Atlantic. If you choose to see the sundown in the city center, go to the Ribeira das Naus or Cais das Colunas next to the Praca do Comercio. It will certainly be a memory that will you hold dearly.