Sintra - the place, as if it came out of a fairy tale

Whatever the future holds, the moonlit nights on the Sintra hills will continue, as the Tagus river will be running into the sea!

José Hermano Saraiva


Sintra is a charming small town situated in the middle of a green landscapes, with its palaces and historic buildings, giving the feeling of belonging to a fairy tale. Located just 40 minutes from Lisbon by train from Rossio station, this is a must-see stop for visitors to the Portuguese capital.

Benefiting from a very special microclimate, it is not uncommon to find the Sintra hills covered in fog, which gives this region a certain mystical aura. Because of this climate, for those coming from Lisbon, it appears that it is a stop to the other dimension, the chose of nobility to build their palaces in Sintra over the past centuries.


Sintra has the first romantic architecture of central Europe, earning the title  of having Cultural Landscape by UNESCO. The magical character of this town is so recognized, the Celts created it to be the cult to the moon, the Moors built a castle and royalty of of the XVIII century built their palaces there.

Landmarks such as the Pena Palace, with its many colors that can be seen within the distance, the beautiful and romantic Quinta da Regaleira and the unique Palace of Monserrate, are worth a visit to this town, and are as beautiful as picturesque. Besides visiting these iconic monuments, which are also part of the Palácio da Vila and the Capuchin Convent, be sure to try the typical travesseiro or queijadas of Sintra. This ensures that will your visit to Sintra will be even sweeter.