Working in Lisbon

Working in Lisbon

Looking for a job in Portugal? Here's a list of useful websites for finding a job in Portugal!


We already know that Lisbon is the ideal city to live in, because of its temperate climate, low cost of living and high quality of life. If you are living and working in central Lisbon, then your quality of life is even greater because you do not have to worry about transportation as much as people living on the outskirts of Lisbon.


Lisbon is also a great city to be working in. According to the BBC, Lisbon was the best city to work and enjoy life in in 2016. The media organization explains that the efforts made by the Lisbon City Council over the past few years helped the city to win the title of European Entrepeneurial Region of the Year (European Entrepreneurial Region of the Year) in 2015. Some people have gone even further and called Lisbon Europe's Silicon Valley.


The support given to startups in the capital, together with the renovation of the city itself, which includes the rehabilitation of buildings and bringing back the hand labor to Lisbon, earned the city this international distinction. In fact, there has been a dramatic change in Lisbon, as for the real estate sectors, tourism and entrepreneurship, they all registered foreign investment records.


Besides, Lisbon also has about 220 days of annual sunshine, most people speak fluent English and the costs for settling companies (income and employees) are lower than in other European capitals. In addition to that, there are several tax benefits in the country for foreign investors.


With its present economic recovery, finding a good job in Portugal is getting easier by the hour. 

Trabalhar em Lisboa

If you seek employment in Portugal, you might have a look at these useful websites for finding a job in Portugal.



Empregos online

Expresso emprego

Carga de Trabalhos (jobs in communication)

Alerta Emprego

Bolsa de Emprego Público


Net empregos

Bons empregos



Also, don't forget about LinkedIn!