Lisbon Events

Lisbon events

Find out what are the main events in the city


Lisbon has "only" wonderful climate, good beaches, a special light and a rich cuisine to offer. Nevertheless, it also has many events throughout the year. During the summer, the city is famous for its music festivals. From Rock in Rio to NOS Alive, Portugal devotes itself increasingly for a mandatory visit for the music lovers of the world.


Experience the best restaurants in the country at Restaurant Week, get chills in Motelx, the horror festival, and see the fashion of Moda Lisboa. But if you can, make sure you go to the Festas de Lisboa, the famous Santos Populares, which leaves no one indifferent.


Events for all seasons in the capital:



- Moda Lisboa


Restaurant Week


- Peixe em Lisboa

- Dias da Música

- Monstra – Festival de Animação

- Restaurant Week

- IndieLisboa – Festival Internacional de Cinema Independente




- Festas de Lisboa – Santos Populares

- NOS Alive

- Super Bock Super Rock

- Jazz em Agosto

- Feira do Livro

- Rock in Rio – LisboaMarchas Populares de Verão

- Outjazz




- Vodafone Mexefest

- Restaurant Week

- Moda Lisboa

- ARTE LISBOA – Feira de Arte Contemporânea

- Queer Lisboa – Festival Internacional de Cinema Gay e Lésbico

- DOCLISBOA – Festival de Cinema Documentário

- Motelx – Festival Internacional de Cinema de Terror