Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto, the bohemian quarter

It is a quiet traditional neighbourhood during the day and a never endless party when the sun sets in the city


The Bairro Alto was established in 1513 and is an ancient and picturesque neighbourhood, characterized by narrow, cobbled streets, old houses and traditional trading.

But since the 80's, Bairro Alto is synonymous of endless party. It is the best known area of Lisbon nightlife, due to its numerous bars, restaurants and fado houses. As most bars are relatively small, people end up walking the narrow streets with a glass in their hand, creating a very unique environment, similar to a street festival.

However, it is a very peaceful and traditional district during the day, also known to host Erasmus students. Part of the Bairro Alto buildings have been restored in recent years, which allowed the installation of new stores, from reference shops and ateliers, to tattoos piercing shops.


It is worth visiting this area of the city at night and be a part of Lisbon bohemian life.