Belém - the district of the Portuguese Discoveries

Visit Belém and lose yourself in its gorgeous monuments, stroll along the waterfront and delight yourself with sweets - pasteis de Belém


Jerónimos MonasteryBelém is a neighborhood of Lisbon, that contains the most of historic monuments per m2. This area is dedicated to the Portuguese Discoveries, it was these banks of the Tagus River Vasco da Gama and other navigators headed for the discovery of new territories, trips that were later celebrated by the put up monuments.


In Belém you can visit the Tower of Belém and the Monastery of Jeronimos, considered by UNESCO as World Heritage, as well as the Monument to the Discoveries. It is also this area,that  has the most important museums of the capital, as the Carriage Museum, the Berardo Collection Museum and the modern MAAT. If you have time, go to the Calçada da Ajuda and visit the royal palace and the botanical garden.



In addition to culture, Belém is also known for its pastries. In the Old Belem Confectionery, better known as Pastéis de Belém, you find these delicacies. And usually a queue at the door because no one can resist the famous pastries - Pasteis de Nata with its original cream, recipe of which remains secret till today.