Principe Real

Principe Real, the trendiest district of the capital

The sophisticated neighbor of Bairro Alto, Principe Real, is one of the most attractive areas in Lisbon


The Principe Real is the fashionable neighborhood in Lisbon, and the area of excellence, which concentrate the new restaurants and more alternative commercial spaces. This neighborhood was named the Principe Real in honor of D. Pedro V, son of Dona Maria II and is located in the north of the Bairro Alto.

Jardim do Príncipe Real

This charming Lisbon neighborhood started to become known because of the antique shops and gay bars, but in recent years has also become one of the most sought after residential areas and a great trade area. Being a predominantly residential neighborhood it is very quiet. It is characterized for its palaces, museums, antique shops and gardens.


In this neighborhood there is the Botanical Garden of the Science Faculty Embaixada, the beautiful shopping mall that has a restaurant in its center, the restaurant A Cevicheria and the beautiful Praça das Flores. The Principe Real garden is great for relaxing and beautiful viewpoint of St. Peter of Alcantara calls for a long visit. Down the hill, going up across the district of Saint Benedict, where is the Assembly of the Republic.