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Quality of Life Posté par : Inês ALMEIDA 28-03-2018 Il y a 3 semaines 28 Mars 2018

Quality of life is higher in Lisbon than in Paris

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Lisbon is among the 50 cities with the best quality of life worldwide, ranking 38th in Mercer's "Quality of living" ranking Lire cet article
Brewery Trindade in Lisbon Posté par : Joana CIDADES 13-03-2018 Il y a 1 Mois 13 Mars 2018

Cervejaria Trindade: devote, profane and esoteric

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Restaurants Lisbon
Only after visiting and eating at Cervejaria Trindade, the oldes brewery in Portugal, you can tell your friends you’ve really seen and met Lisbon. Lire cet article
Dinosaurs at Lourinhã Posté par : Joana CIDADES 24-02-2018 Il y a 2 Mois 24 Février 2018

Dinoparque: they are back!!

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To do in Lisbon
It is just like in the Spielberg movies! Lourinhã is remembering the dinosaurs in Portugal. Discover all the full-scale models, activities and archive at Dinoparque. Lire cet article

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