Visit Algarve

Visit Algarve is the ideal plan for any holiday

Those who visit Algarve will be delighted by its beautiful beaches and nightlife


Visit Algarve is mandatory for those who travel to Portugal. The south of the country is a holiday and leisure destination par excellence. Here you will find the best beaches in the country, with golden sands to lose sight of and the crystalline Mediterranean sea. The 300 days of sunshine a year make this an ideal destination for outdoor activities.



Algarve covers a total area of 5,412 km² and has a population of 451,005 residents, corresponding to 0.06% of the population of Europe and 4.27% of the population of Portugal. Its mediterranean climate is characterized by mild and short winters and long, hot and dry summers.



Those who visit Algarve will be delighted by its landscape diversity. This beautiful region has beaches of excellent quality, with a calm sea that invites to baths. In addition to its famous coast, there is also the mountain range, with its beautiful natural landscapes, and the cities, which contain historical vestiges of the region's Arab past.


Comida Algarve



Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the region, because in the Algarve they find many internationally renowned golf courses. For those seeking a more relaxing holiday, in Algarve there are several spas with many treatments, thalassotherapy centers and the Monchique Spa.



Those who visit Algarve will hardly be indifferent to its gastronomy. The main dish is the fresh fish from the coast and, of course, the incredible seafood. Among the fish are sardines, mackerel and tuna, and seafood lovers will find oysters, clams, crayfish and prawns in this region. Among the typical confectionery, specialties are made with fig and almond, such as "marzipan" (almond-based) cookies.



Lovers of nightlife will enjoy the lively Algarve nights. Whether in Albufeira, Portimão or Vilamoura, there are places that appeal to all tastes. There are casinos that provide quality shows and excitement in the game rooms, for those looking for quieter nights. And then there are the bars and nightclubs, whose sounds range from the 80's, to house music or more commercial.