Algarve Food

Algarve food will leave you with mouth watering

Algarve food is very rich and has mourish influences


When someone talks about Algarve food it’s inevitable to mention what the sea brings us. Starting with seafood, such as clams, oysters or cockles cooked on the plate, the lovers of this delicacy will be delighted in Algarve. This varied seafood can be served with only one strand of olive oil and garlic, or they may consist of a typical dish of the region, such as “arroz de lingueirão”, “feijoada de búzios”, “xerém de conquilhas” or “açorda de marisco”.




One of the most popular dishes based on seafood is the recipe of clams in the “cataplana”, made in a copper container of arab origin, which retains the taste of food. In addition to being able to taste these dishes in many restaurants of Algarve, you can also go to the seafood festivals that take place in the area in the summer months.




Besides the seafood, those who go to Algarve have to try the fresh fish grilled in the charcoal. The grilled sardine is a portuguese classic, but the one cooked in Portimão is particularly famous. The “carapaus alimados”, left in the salt at night to gain flavor, are another delicious way to eat fish in the Algarve. Also try the tuna steak from Vila Real de Santo António, the octopus salad and the cuttlefish fried in their paint.


Bolinhos Maçapão


Meat and sausages


Algarve food is not limited to fish and shellfish, it also includes interesting meat dishes such as stews, chicken with cherries, boiled chickpeas or sausages. In the south of Portugal, the influence of foreign gastronomy is hardly felt, so you can expect to find many regional dishes unlike anything you have ever tasted.




The orange from Algarve is eaten in its natural state or in form of juice, but the almonds, figs and carob are used to make the delicious desserts that characterize the south of the country. In Algarve you can find sweets such as morgados (egg yolks) and the colorful almond-based marzipan cakes. The supply of desserts in this region inherited a great influence from the moorish past, hence the use of almonds and honey in many recipes.