Best of Algarve

The best of the Algarve goes beyond the fabulous beaches

The hills of green hues and the historical remains are also the best in the Algarve


The amazing beaches of the Algarve are already more than enough reason to visit the region. However, the attractions of southern Portugal do not end there. To make a list of the best of the Algarve is no easy task and, of course, can hardly cover the entire potential of the region. If you are not convinced that this is a must see destination visit, continue with us and learn why you should visit the paradise south of Portugal.


Every year, the Algarve welcomes thousands of tourists in its sunny and extensive beaches. However, there are still few who are dedicated to knowing the other side of the Algarve. For those who prefer a more complete holiday that includes other activities besides sunbathing, this destination has more to offer you.


And what is the best of the Algarve (besides the beaches)?


The Mountains


The Algarve landscape is made up of contrasts. The hills of Monchique, Espinhaço Cão and Caldeirão are lavish in natural resources and fill the landscape with its green hues.


Monchique is one of the most popular hill in the Algarve, due to the therapeutic quality of the water flowing on the highest hill in the region. Pico da Fóia is the highest point of the Monchique hill, with a total of 902 meters, allowing you to see from São Vicente Cape to the Arrábida hill.


The Espinhaço de Cão hill is characterized by the slopes covered with arbutus and eucalyptus trees and its beautiful valleys. The Caldeirão hill, in other hand, is the largest hill in the Algarve and has a vast hydrographic system that runs between fields of arbutus and cork oaks. This hill is a must stop for bird lovers.



The Historical Heritage


The Algarve, like the rest of the country, has a rich historical heritage and traces of the passage of other people and civilizations. The ruins of Milreu, for example, are the most important evidence of the Roman presence in the Algarve. In this village are still visible the architectural details of the fourth century, such as the manor house, the thermal baths and the oil and wine mills, which revealed a family of high social status.


In Silves, on the other hand, there is the most important evidence of the Islamic presence in the Algarve, the Castle of Silves. This fortification with more than a thousand years of existence has red walls, due to the red stoneware typical of the area, and is surrounded by walls with eleven turrets.


Castelo de Silves