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Lisbon Id doesn't aim to be another touristic platform amongst so many others but instead provide you a deeper and unique knowledge of the city through different tips and suggestions. In this sense, we have created the heading of "Discover Lisbon", giving a voice to those who truly live daily in the city, beyond the touristic spots recommended ad nauseam in every single touristic guide.


To accomplish this, we have spoken with writers, bloggers, comedians, artists, chefs, journalists, and marketers, in order to listen to what they have to say about the Portuguese capital. The goal is to unveil to you the most unexpected places in Lisbon, for you to be able to see this city through the eyes of its inhabitants. Who knows you’re not missing a unique art exhibition or a restaurant which meal will remain in your memory for years?


Join us and discover why Lisbon assumes itself as a special city and how it is described with few words by the locals, the restaurants you cannot miss, the latest juicy new about the city and the best places for shopping. We promise you will have the most special guides to keep you company on this journey along one of the most lovely cities in the world.


Interviews My Lisboa

My Lisboa | Ana Garcia Martins Par : Joana CIDADES 01-06-2017 Il y a 2 ans 01 Juin 2017

My Lisboa with blogger Ana Garcia Martins

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My Lisboa
The famous Portuguese lifestyle blogger Ana Garcia Martins shares her vision of Lisbon and introduces you new and cool places of the city. Lire cet article
My Lisboa | Ana Neves Par : Joana CIDADES 06-06-2017 Il y a 2 ans 06 Juin 2017

My Lisboa with journalist Ana Neves

Catégories :
My Lisboa
The journalist Ana Neves welcomes you to Lisbon. Get to know new places and details in the Portuguese capital and have a nice trip. Lire cet article
My Lisboa | Alice Vieira Par : Joana CIDADES 22-05-2017 Il y a 2 ans 22 Mai 2017

My Lisboa with writer Alice Vieira

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My Lisboa
Learn more about Lisbon with the Portuguese writer Alice Vieira. Alice tells you how to discover Lisbon. Lire cet article

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