Lapa - the aristocratic district of Lisbon

In Lapa, a noble area of Lisbon, you can find several embassies and palaces


Who finds themselves in Lapa neighbourhood, can feel the magnificence of old Lisbon , this traditional neighborhood, chosen by the nobles and upper class to reside for excellence of living. Its origin dates back to 1770, the year  the parish of Nossa Senhora da Lapa was established. This area occupies a span of 0.74 square kilometers and is inhabited by eight thousand people.


Currently, due to the administrative reorganization of 2012, the parish of Lapa was extinguished and became part of the parish of the Estrela, which also includes Prazeres and Santos-o-Velho. In Lisbon, the area that goes from the Lapa till Estrela is synonymous with history and class. Many of the noble families of Lisbon have their homes in this zone.


Lapa is a housing area, but it's not the reason why it is no longer have an active trade. In this area of Lisbon most of the existing foreign countries embassies in Portugal are located, such as: Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Finland, Indonesia, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland.

The São Bento Palace (the Parliament) and the official residence of the Prime Minister of Portugal are also locate in Lapa area.