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JNcQUOI Lisbon Posté par : Joana CIDADES 22-05-2017 Il y a 10 Mois 22 Mai 2017

JNcQUOI brings the French glamour to Lisbon

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Restaurants Lisbon
Have you heard about the new space of JNcQUOI in Lisbon? Visit its three concepts (restaurant, bar and bookshop) and decide which is your favorite. Lire cet article
Abre-Latas is the new canned goods restaurant in Mouraria Posté par : Joana C. 03-01-2017 Il y a 1 an 03 Janvier 2017

Abre-Latas is the new canned goods restaurant in Mouraria

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Restaurants Lisbon
Abre-Latas is Mouraria's new restaurant, which focuses on conversations and simple cooking as a key ingredient. The space of Julio Fernandes and Jorge Colaco, is relatively small,… Lire cet article
New all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant opens in Alcântara Posté par : Joana C. 03-01-2017 Il y a 1 an 03 Janvier 2017

New all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant opens in Alcântara

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Restaurants Lisbon
A new space in Lisbon has opened for you to eat all the sushi you want. The Maruko is located in the Alcântara area and opened its doors at the end of last November. The system… Lire cet article

Gastronomy is an institution in Portugal.

Besides being a source of pride for the Portuguese, food brings together families around the tables, friends who share snacks together, lunch with work colleagues and serves as a motivation to those who visit Portugal keep coming back!


Such close relationship with gastronomy is reflected in diverse and differentiated delicacies, authentic business cards for foreigners visiting Portugal. It is no coincidence that Portugal was regarded by CNN as the best foodie destination of Europe in 2016.


Firstly, we distinguish the cod fish - Portuguese culinary chameleon fish that adapts wonderfully to over one thousand dishes. If talking about the fish, it is essential to mention the huge Portuguese coastal zone rich of sea specialties. For Spanish chef Ferrá Adrian, the famous elBulli, the best fish and seafood in the world are Portuguese.


If almost everyone already knows that in Portugal you can eat a good grilled cod, a "Cozido Portuguesa" (typical Portuguese dish with variety of cooked meats) or the classic sweet "pastel de nata", there are still people that do not know all the secrets. Roussette soup, the "queijo da serra" (a typical cheese), sausages of Tras-os-Montes. And, of course, the bread, the basis of Portuguese cuisine, which is present on every table.

When someone says to have eaten a good meal in Portugal, this statement certainly includes a drink. The Port wine, so appreciated in England, is not the only traditional wine of Portugal. The Douro region has become famous worldwide because of its certified DOC wines, but wines of Alentejo and Dão are loved by many people as much.


If Portugal is the home of Portuguese cuisine, Lisbon is its epicenter. Since the traditional fado houses of the typical Alfama district have the signature cuisine and are able to satisfy the most sophisticated appetites, Lisbon offers the most traditional and typical restaurants and also elegant international restaurants. From brunch or snacking in "tasca" to a sushi restaurant, you have plenty of choice in Lisbon.


For all these reasons, the city of seven hills is an obligatory destination for what is caught in the sin of delicacy.

Stay with us and let yourself be guided by our suggestions. We will make your mouth watery.

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