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Global Traveler Par : Inês ALMEIDA 23-05-2018 Il y a 5 jours 23 Mai 2018

Lisbon voted Best Leisure Destination in Europe

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Global Traveler presented Lisbon with the Best Leisure Destination in Europe, in the 6th edition of the Leisure Lifestyle Awards for an excellent experience Lire cet article
Gulbenkian Exhibition Par : Inês ALMEIDA 10-05-2018 Il y a 3 semaines 10 Mai 2018

Post-pop or when Portugal weren´t enough for portuguese artists

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Pop Art arises in the second half of the 60s. In the case of Portuguese artists, the experimentation, allowed and transformed Pop influence zone. Lire cet article
Quality of Life Par : Inês ALMEIDA 28-03-2018 Il y a 2 Mois 28 Mars 2018

Lisbon's quality of living is higher than in Paris

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Lisbon is amongst the 50 cities with the best quality of living worldwide, recently ranking 38th in Mercer's. Lire cet article

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