Adega Machado

91, Rua do Norte
1200-284 Lisbon
Adega Machado, the famous Fado House, founded in 1937, located in the typical district of Bairro Alto in Lisbon, has reinvented itself in June 2012. The iconographic facade, work of the artist Thomaz de Mello holds the looks. After entering, you are lost in admiration of the three floors where are distributed photographic records of our history and tradition. The main room, capable of peering through a porthole, protects customers who settle in the fold of the letter that the shape space, an L of Lisbon is easily sensed in song born in it, here sung, windows with shutters heart, the hubbub of passers-by, what you eat. With capacity for 95 people, the restaurant is designed with the following lines in mind: comfort, privacy and space between tables for intimacy.