Sr. Vinho

Rua do Meio à Lapa, 18
Lisbon, PT

The Mr. Vinho Restaurant was founded in 1975 by António Melo Correia, Maria da Fé and José Luís Gordo.

From the beginning there was always the concern to serve the best that the Portuguese gastronomy have to offer and present the greatest names of Fado.

Mr. Vinho has an exquisite table service of quality to provide you with unique moments.

Mr. Wine is known as the great university of Fado. Its artistic direction is Maria da Fé. Here are great names from the world of Fado such as Ada de Castro, Mariza, Camané, Ana Moura, António Zambujo, Gizela João or Machado Soares who were accompanied by musicians par excellence such as José Fontes Rocha, Pedro Leal, Paquito or José Manuel Neto.

Today we have in the cast, Aldina Duarte (Tuesday to Saturday), Ana Margarida, Vanessa Alves, Francisco Salvação Barreto and Duarte and are accompanied by Paulo Parreira in Portuguese Guitar and Rogério Ferreira in Viola.

Reserve your table and come to dinner to the sound of the best fado in Lisbon.

The minimum age allowed is 6 years old.

Thank you for your understanding.