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Comporta Trivago Posté par : Joana CIDADES 05-07-2017 Il y a 3 semaines 05 Juillet 2017

Trivago highlights Comporta as the trend destination in Portugal

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Portugal Tourism
Travel to Comporta in Portugal for a relaxed stay! Trivago considers the zone as the great beach destination. Enjoy this peaceful place... Lire cet article
Tourism Lisbon Posté par : Joana CIDADES 24-06-2017 Il y a 1 Mois 24 Juin 2017

Tourism in Lisbon in 2017 reveals a bigger growth than in 2016

Catégories :
Lisbon Tourism
Discover how tourism in Lisbon is growing! With plenty to see and to explore the Portuguese capital is the right city to visit nowadays. Lire cet article
Radio Palace events Posté par : Joana CIDADES 22-06-2017 Il y a 1 Mois 22 Juin 2017

Radio Palace in Lisbon has hosted numerous events since it opened

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If haven't been aware of the news, visit the Radio Palace in Lisbon! Several events have take place in this unique palace from the 19th century. Lire cet article

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Discover Portugal and its capital, through its cuisine, culture and architecture.


This website aims to help you during your first visit to Portugal. You will be able to discover the country and its customs, as well as find the information you need to settle in Lisbon. Portugal is a country that goes through profound changes, opening itself increasingly to the world and offering a relaxed lifestyle. Its qualities are so evident, that convince more and more foreign investors to invest in the Lusitanian Lands.


For many years, there has been a migration movement of Portuguese who sought to escape to France to evade harsh living conditions imposed by the Salazar dictatorship. Today we are witnessing the opposite phenomenon. The Portuguese are returning to their country during the summer, but the demands or expectations are already different from the past.


Thus, today the French are making the opposite direction to the traveled in the past, leaving the traditional frog legs, to come experience the sardines and cod fish, soak up the sun and seek the way of life in a country that has so much for joy.


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