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Shops With History

Shops With History

Câmara de Lisboa will distinguish 63 stores in Lisbon with the label "Shops with history"

It is not new that Lisbon is a city full of history. In every corner you bump in a grand monument or a historical store, such as Bertrand Chiado - one of the oldest libraries in the world. In this sense, the Council of Lisbon decided to distinguish the shops of the capital that have a historical legacy worthy of note.

There are 63 shops, chosen for the preservation of heritage material, cultural and historical elements. Among this list, there are shops like:A Ginjinha Sem Rival, Aníbal Gravador, BrasileiraCasa MacárioConfeitaria Nacional, Farmácia Barreto, Ferragens Guedes, Florista Pequeno Jardim,Hospital das BonecasLeitão e IrmãoLondres SalãoLuvaria Ulisses and Manteigaria Silva.

Establishments such as Ourivesaria Sarmento, Pastéis de Belém, Pastelaria Mexicana, Pastelaria Versailles, Pérola do Rossio, Retrosaria Bijou and Tabacaria Mónaco are also among the others.

We suggest visiting:


Luvaria Ulisses

This small shop is embedded in the Carmo Wall since 1925 and is the last store in Portugal that is dedicated exclusively to selling gloves. It has well-preserved interiors, with empire inspired furniture . Neoclassical facade of Luvaria Ulisses  draws the attention of anyone passing by this shop, which in on the way to Armazéns Chiado. Here you can buy leather gloves in all colors, mostly handmade.


A Ginjinha

A Ginjinha was founded in 1840 and is located in the Rossio, the most emblematic ginjinha store being in Lisbon. It is located in front of the Teatro Dona Maria and every day gets hundreds of people, both foreign and local.


Tous (former Ourivesaria Aliança)

The brand Tous occupies one of the most beautiful shops of Lisbon, whose facade dates from 1914. This space, located at Rua Garret, is iconic and is reminiscent of the French court of Louis XIV and prior worked as Goldsmiths Alliance. It was remodeled by the Spanish jewelry brand that is committed to respect the historical heritage. It is a must see.


Livraria Bertrand

Livraria Bertrand is located in Chiado and was born in 1732, being one of the oldest libraries in the world that is still in service. It has several rooms divided by themes, including areas for children and  for newspapers and magazines. It is one of the favorite bookstores of Lisboans. Bertrand has many other bookstores around the country.


Confeitaria Nacional

Founded in 1829, it is the oldest confectionery of Lisbon and belongs to the same family for six generations. It is also one of Lisbon's most iconic cafés! In the Confeitaria Nacional  were made the first cakes-kings of the country, with a secret recipe that came from France. In addition to the space itself it worth a visit, with its restored interiors and furniture of the nineteenth century, you can not miss the delicious custard tarts, cakes, cookies and scones, all self manufactured in the house.

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