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1. Day 1

2. Day 2 

There is a lot to see and do in Lisbon in just two days


1. Day 1

We suggest you start your day with the unforgettable Castelo de São Jorge, the great fortress that guards Lisbon from one of its highest hills. The views you get from the top are a perfect introduction to the city.

Then take the time to explore Alfama, the oldest and most traditional neighbourhood in the capital. As you walk through the alleyways, smell the fish roasted on the fire and listen to the fado, making its way out of the local shops, so you can experience the true essence of Lisbon. 

Take the tram to Baixa Pombalina. Here you will find plenty tourist attractions, go for a ride on one of the famous yellow trams to Baixa, the historical centre of Lisbon, which was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1755. Enjoy the beautiful square - Praça do Comércio, which is washed by the Tagus River, and don't forget to walk by Rossio Square.

Dining in a fado house is an unforgettable experience because besides being able to get in touch with Fado, fundamental to Portuguese culture, you will get to know the cuisine and wines that are typical of the region.



2. Day 2

Plan to visit Belém in the morning, where the largest concentration of national monuments in Lisbon is, specially dedicated to the time of discoveries - the era in history in which Portugal reached its apogee. We suggest you visit the Jerónimos Monastery first, the Manueline style monument that dates back to the early 16th century.

Visit the Belém Tower next, close to the river. The fortress was built in 1515 to protect the entrance to the port of Lisbon. Then, walk to the Padrão dos Descobrimentos, built in 1960 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of D. Henrique.

Those who visit Belém must have a famous pastel de Belém, the most typical sweet in the city and one of the best in Lisbon. The bakery founded in 1837 has kept the recipe secret since then. 

Spend an evening at Bairro Alto, the bohemian part of town. The 16th-century streets are calm during the day, but during the night they are transformed, welcoming both locals and tourists, seeking nightlife. There are good options for bars and restaurants in the area. We suggest you try a small cup of ginjinha, a traditional Portuguese liqueur.

This is the ideal farewell program if you are visiting Lisbon for 2 days.


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