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The Fantastic World of Portuguese Sardine is the New Tourist Teaser at Rossio

The Fantastic World of Portuguese Sardine

Would you like to have a can of sardines with your date of birth? Then, this is the store for you.


Looking for a personalized souvenir to bring from Portugal to your loved ones and can't think of anything? The new space dedicated to the sardine, that opened at Rossio may have the answer for you. It's called The Fantastic World of Portuguese Sardine, it's Comur's new bet, the Murtosa Canning Factory, that has opened this space at Rossio on 3 November.


The showcase of this new store catches the eye immediately, because the decoration is inspired by the circus and has a lot of color, music and carousels. But the ex-libris of space is the sardine in olive oil, which is sold in cans that mark each year. In all, there are 100 cans of different design available in the store, divided by decades and each year (from 1916 to 2016), each of which marks an event and birth, that was celebrated that year.


Each can of sardines has a cost of € 5, which may seem high, on the other hand, it is a low cost original souvenir. Even if you do not go shopping, you can walk into the store and enjoy the décor and clothing of the dressed up employees, and take pictures if you would like. In addition to this store, Comur has another space in Baixa, which sells Enguias de Escabeche.

Source: Público


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