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Gordon Ramsay is Sure Portuguese Cuisine Will Be Much Spoken Of

Gordon Ramsay Interested in Portuguese Cuisine

The British chef attentively watches five restaurants in Lisbon


In an interview with Fugas magazine, famous British chef Gordon Ramsay praised Lisbon and highlighted its gastronomic potential. He states that the Portuguese capital is a beautiful city and that "there are many interesting things happening in Portuguese cuisine." He adds that you hear this in London and that there are five restaurants in Lisbon that are "followed closely".


Ramsay considers that Portuguese and British cuisine suffer from the same problem, they are constantly overshadowed by Spain, France, and Italy. For the British chef, although for some time the Mediterranean influence in Portuguese cuisine has been ignored, in the last three years this has been under the spotlight. He claims to be 100% certain that in the next few years he will hear much more about Lisbon.



Source: Público

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