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5 Well-Kept Lisbon Secrets

5 Secret Places in Lisbon

Amoreiras Garden (Jardim das Amoreiras)

Jardim das Amoreiras or Jardim Marcelino de Mesquita is one of the oldest gardens in the city. Besides the beautiful landscape, it allows you to enjoy interesting activities. On Friday there's live music and the garden kiosk always has drinks and snacks available. It is a secret place that will surely delight anyone in a luxury trip to Lisbon.


Lx Factory

This is a fashionable place in Lisbon  featuring an old textile factory and a printing plant, which helped to give the name to the house. Today it includes cafes, restaurants, bookstores, shops and other spaces dedicated to culture.


Pastelaria Restelo

Pastelaria Restelo is a known Lisbon's bakery located in the Belém area. There you can have your breakfast and energizing coffee. This area is famous in the capital for the best croissants in town, the Croissants do Careca.

Weekenders arrange meetings with friends in cafes like a Pastry Restelo. During your visit to Lisbon, do not miss this lovely place.


Bairro da Graça

Graça is a historic district of Lisbon where you can get a glimpse of the city in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. The secret nature of the belvederes of Graça and Nossa Senhora do Monte allow to observe the magnificent spectacle of the sunset at ease.
You should not leave this neighborhood without tasting the typical wines and  cheese restaurants the area has to offer. Admittedly, if you do, you will not be dissapointed.


Martim Moniz e Intendente

Another quite interesting area of the Portuguese capital is the Martim Moniz - a neighborhood with a strong cultural component. In Intendente you can not miss Casa Independente - the scene of several cultural and artistic events. In this area of Lisbon, a vibrant young and dynamic atmosphere is felt. 
Also do not miss the opportunity to visit Centro Comercial da Mouraria - there are interesting shops and restaurants to visit and try. 

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