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Lisbon Is the 5th European City to Receive More Foreigners

Lisbon Is 5th European City to Receive More Foreigners

Lisbon experienced a growth of over 7.4% in international visitors between 2009 and 2016

According to the study Global Destinations Cities Index Mastercard, Lisbon is the fifth fastest growing European city with regard to the number of international visitors.

The number of international visitors who spend the night in Lisbon increased by 7.4% between 2009 and 2016, which makes the Portuguese capital to be in the top 5 cities with the fastest growth in Europe, as well as Hamburg, Berlin, Istanbul and Copenhagen.

Also the expenses of international visitors increased more precisely 1.5% over the previous year 2015, corresponding to about 1.25 billion euros, while the average spending per visitor has come down from 461 euros to 350 euros, explains the study.



Source: A Bola


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