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Comporta Might Be Portugal's Most Famous Village

Comporta Village



Nesting about 130 km south of Lisbon, Comporta offers ideal conditions for those who want to get a corner of paradise where least expected. Although Comporta being sold today as the new epicenter of the celebrities, it is also a land that is proud to be true to its Portuguese origins. Discover this magical place and the various activities this village has to offer, preferably in a low season.


A little piece of heaven

Located about an hour and a half from Lisbon, Comporta is the delight for visitors, between land and sea. To get there, you have two possibilities, you can go by boat or by car.

Anyone who visits this incredible place will be able to walk on the white sand at the edge of crystal clear water and the rice fields with shades of green pistachio, spot purest white through the beautiful storks who go there. 

Horseback riding is also possible in these idyllic landscapes that resemble Camargue, a southern region of France, or the 70 in Cap Ferret, thanks to its completely intact appearance.



Authentic Portugal

You will be very surprised when you get to Comporta and find a place away from the famous spots than usually attract people (for instance Saint-Tropez). No, in Comporta there are no large hotels,-  homes reached by walk, the whole bourgeoisie and nobility of Lisbon is standing in the sand there. Also the homes at the seaside are available. These homes, called by some '"luxury cabins", offer unusual accommodation conditions.

But this village also brings many emotions through its atmosphere, with its preserved environment fishing village. With only a few hours in Comporta, you will feel a certain charming freedom. As Capuccine Graby said in his report, here and elsewhere, on BFM TV "Comporta cultivates its traditions and that's good."



Comporta offers various activities on low season

The outdoor activities enthusiasts will enjoy:

  • To ride a horse to the sea.

  • Take bike tours in the swamps and kayak trips, that combine sport and discovery.

  • Visit the Rice Museum, to learn more about the local culture,

  • A detour through the stilts port of Carrasqueira, unique in Europe.

  • Finally, to fully enjoy your stay in Comporta, we recommend you go outside high season, not only to avoid the crowds of tourists, but also not to go through massive mosquito attacks, which seem to crave much of our tender flesh during the summer.



Photo credit: 2 Comporta Cabanas fo sale via photopin (license)

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