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Living In Portugal - What to Expect

Life Quality in Portugal

What life is like in Portugal

In Portugal, even in the capital, you can enjoy a calm life. In fact, the country retains cities on a human scale, authentic, and located a few steps from the sea. But the quality of life in Portugal also includes other factors such as the presence of good infrastructure, safety, ease of obtaining various kinds of leisure variations and of course, the mild climate. We will discuss these points in this article to help you learn more about this European country and the advantages of staying here for some time, or even permanently.



First thing to know if that if you want to visit Portugal, you can easily travel by air with such airlines as: Ryanair, Air Berlin, Transavia or EasyJet. It takes only a few hours to reach the destination.
The quality of life in Portugal is also reflected in an excellent telecommunications network between the mobile phone and Internet access, it proves to be effective and reliable. For a long time, we recommend investing in a prepaid SIM card on the spot. With regard to the internet, unless it is in a particularly remote area, you will not have problems connecting and navigation. In addition, more and more public facilities offer access to wi-fi.

Finally, among the infrastructure that definitely have to attend to, if it remains a long season in the country, are the local medical facilities. With a great location (in the WHO ranking of number 12), the country's health system provides everything you need. Whether public or private, will have many experts able take care of you as needed.


A safe country

In terms of safety, quality of life in Portugal is as high as in France. In fact, although the country is considered safe and have the same type of conditions as their European counterparts, you must, as everywhere, stay alert to avoid the risk of theft and other minor incidents.


Multiple leisure activities

In terms of leisure, given the country's configuration and its 800 kilometers of coastline with beautiful beaches devoid of any tar, in which you can play around and enjoy water sports (like surfing, jet skiing, windsurfing, sailing and diving).

Tennis and golf also occupy an important place with several facilities dedicated to these sports in the country. Portugal provides quality of life for sportspeople, as the country has several attractions, both by the sea and on land. Also historical monuments are of particular importance. We emphasize the Belem Tower, the Palace of Pena in Sintra and the Monument to the Discoveries.


The mild climate

Finally, the quality of life in Portugal is also due to its mild climate, so many crave. With its mild winters that rarely feel temperatures falling below 8/10 °, depending on the region; it has hot, dry summers, the country has extremely favorable climatic conditions for health improvement. However, there is a difference between the north and south. Indeed, the former is more moist and fresh, while the south has temperatures around 40°C in summer.


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