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Portuguese Delicacies

Portuguese Delicacies

Portuguese Delicacies

If you decided to spend your holiday in Portugal, you should definitely try some of the local specialties that will surely surprise you .

We invite you to take a little trip through the Portuguese flavors that await you on your next trip.



Why not enjoy your holiday in Portugal to discover the sangria? Whether on white wine, red wine or rosé, it is a drink that can be enjoyed both in winter and during the hot days in the city. So relax and enjoy a glass of the famous wine-based drink. According to the wine used, the fruits inside also vary. For example:

  • With red wine, the most classic recipe takes sugar and some spices, and is usual to add orange, strawberry, peach, blackberry and blackcurrant;

  • White wine joins apple, peach and grape.

It is also common to join white drinks in sangria, such as port wine or rum.


Vinho Verde

You should also taste Vinho Verde (green wine), which is from the Minho region in the northwest of the country. Available in white, rosé and red, which is protected by a Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC).

If we go a little more in detail, white offers fruity aromas (especially citrus), rosé has a fruity freshness, with cherry notes, strawberry and forest fruits and eventually the red definitely exudes a scent of red fruits.


Vinho do Porto

There are also white, dry or sweet portwine, which should be consumed very cold or even mixed with other beverages, and red ports, which are available in Ruby, Vintage, Singel Quinta Vintage, Tawny, Late Bottled Vintage or Crusted. In the stream of Porto, on the opposite bank of the Douro, you should visit the cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia to discover this typical Portuguese aperitif.


The soups

You can enjoy one of the soups that the country offers throughout the year. They are especially nice in winter, but the cold soup may also help cool the days of intense heat and as a bonus to allow cool the body down. So during your holiday in Portugal you could, for example, try the famous green soup, potato soup with cooked green cabbage in broth, seasoned with garlic and onion. A bit of chorizo, olive oil and bread accompanies this very popular dish.


Grilled Sardines

Who is on holidays in Portugal should automatically include grilled sardines to the tasting list! Accompanied by vegetables, they are in the spotlight throughout the summer.


Pastel de Bacalhau

Whether hot or cold, you should try out pastel de bacalhau. These are the baked cod dumplings in Portuguese style, which can be accompanied or not by a hot sauce to taste.


Arroz Doce (Sweet rice)

Anyway, who does not want a little sweetness after the meal, during the vacation in Portugal? Thus, among the many possible desserts in the country that will take your taste buds to heaven, it is the sweet rice, or a rice pudding. You will probably say you have eaten this dessert at home. Certainly yes, but the Portuguese version is very sweet, light and above all, offers different flavors, hot because of cinnamon or cold.

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