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Vegan For the Night

Vegan Pop Up Restaurant

If you love vegan dishes or would like to experience new flavours, enjoy your dinner here


This Friday, the 25th Nov., offers you the unique opportunity to taste new vegan foods. The evening Pop Up Vegan Restaurant shows off the creations of 3-Michelin-awarded Greek chef Konstantinos at the Os Gazeteiros restaurant.

During this dinner, there will be presented ten masterpieces of reinvented vegan foods, made from fresh local ingredients. If you are tired of the usual grilled tofu or seitan with vegetables, let yourself be surprised by the colorful, delicious and innovative proposals of Konstantinos.

To participate in this exclusive dinner, with the cost of 30 euros, you must make your reservation on the web-site. Os Gazeteiros, a restaurant in Lisbon that usually presents cuisine and natural wines, will be hosting the night pop up of vegan food near Santa Apolónia.


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