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Lisbon Is the 3rd Most Entertaining City In the World

3rd Most Entertaining City

Time Out London has made an inquiry to find out which are the most entertaining cities in the world


In London's Time Out survey of more than 2000 people on which cities are the most fun to have a great party in, includes Lisbon on the 3rd position in a ranking of 18 elected cities.

Time Out evaluated the cities according to the following parameters:

  1. Dynamism - How exciting the city's lifestyle is

  2. Inspiration - if the place is good for living

  3. Food and drink - if the city has good places to eat in at affordable prices

  4. Comfort - how comfortable are the surrounding neighborhoods

  5. Sociability - if the city is welcoming

  6. Accessibility - if people can move easily in the city


This is the list of the most entertaining cities in the world, according to Time Out London:

  1. Chicago, United States of America - is on the first place for the foods and beverage parameter plus convenience and accessibility.

  2. Melbourne, Australia - most respondents say they like living or being able to live in this city.

  3. Lisbon, Portugal - the Portuguese capital had the highest score in the criterion of sociability. Many claim that it is the capital of love, friendship and neighbors.

  4. New York, USA - is the city where there is always something new to do and where one goes out more often during nights.

  5. Madrid, Spain - notes identical to those in Lisbon

  6. Mexico City, Mexico - third best when it comes to food and drink, however it is one of the places where people are most afraid at nights.

  7. São Paulo, Brazil - elected for dynamism, food and drinks.

  8. Los Angeles, USA - good score for dynamism, but lower on the parameter of accessibility and sociability.

  9. Barcelona, Spain - respondents highlight the gastronomy, comfort and inspiration.

  10. London, England - despite having a good score, it is the city where respondents say they feel most lonely. However, highlighting the positive nightlife.

  11. Hong Kong, China – people highlight accessibility and restaurants as strengths.

  12. Miami, United States of America - drinks, meetings with celebrities and sex are the factors, contributing to this being one of the most fun cities at night.

  13. Tokyo, Japan - elected for crazy nights and the possibility of having casual sex.

  14. Singapore - considered one of the safest cities in the world.

  15. Paris, France - even though one does do not go out much at nights, it's easy to have a one-night stand on a first date.

  16. Sydney, Australia - easy to get soft drugs and alcohol.

  17. Dubai, United Arab Emirates - is one of the cities where one works for longer hours, but it is also one of the places where you can make new friends more easily, even at work.

  18. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - ease of making friends quickly.



Source: Observador

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