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You Can Now Have Ceviche And Poké Bowls In Amoreiras

Ceviche and Poké in Amoreiras

Poke, a raw fish salad, created by Hawaiian fishermen, arrived in Porto in July


Ceviche & Poké Bowls is the new branch in the food court of the shopping center Amoreiras. After the fashion of sushi, it came to ceviche. And after the ceviche, came the poke, a specialty that was born in Hawaii and arrived in Porto in July, when it opened a counter in the Bom Sucesso Market. This is the only place in Portugal specializing in poke.

Poke is a raw fish salad made by Hawaiian fishermen whose original version was made with diced tuna, rice, onion, seaweed and a Japanese-inspired spice. Over the years, the dish was adopted by other countries, with modifications. At the Amoreiras counter you will be able to try the traditional version as well as other versions.

You can choose the ingredients of your poke bowl by choosing a base of quinoa or salad, fish, which can be tuna, salmon, whitefish or octopus, vegetables, and one of four sauces (Japanese, spicy, tartar and ceviche) , As well as various accompaniments. The price of the bowls ranges from € 7.9 to € 8.5.


Source: New in Town

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