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New Canned Goods Store Opens Downtown

Canned Goods Downtown

Here you can buy canned tuna, sardines, eels, cod and much more!


The Canned Goods Store opened its third location in Lisbon, this time at Rua da Assunção, in the downtown of Lisbon. The opening of the space occured on 4 December. Here you can buy preserved canned tuna, sardines, mussels, eels, cod, stuffed squid or mackerel,- all from national brands.

This project is an initiative of the National Association of Canned Fish (ANICP), which represents 18 Portuguese canneries, among them, are: Ramirez, Bom Petisco, Comur, Briosa, Santa Catarina, Luças and Pinhais. The new store has a layout identical to the others, with cans divided by brand. For now, the store at Rua da Assunção does not serve meals, but the goal is to ultimately serve some snacks as well.

The first Canned Store opened at Rua do Arsenal in 2015, the concept expanded to the Flower Square, where it serves meals, and last summer the brand opened its store in Porto, at Rua Mouzinho da Silveira.



Source: New in Town


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