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Next 7 Wonders of Portugal

New Seven Portuguese Wonders

Previous editions of the 7 Wonders had a direct impact on tourism in Portugal


A decade after the debut of the Portuguese project 7 Wonders, the prize returns in 2017, this time with the focus on the villages. In the application phase, which starts in December, seven categories will be available - Villages with History, Sea Villages , Coastal Villages, Rural Villages, Remote Villages, Authentic Villages and Villages in Protected Areas. Any public or private entity may nominate a village in more than one category.

Until the 7th of March 2017, an expert panel will make a pre-selection of the assets for the competition. The final election of the 7 Wonder Villages of Portugal will be determined by public vote, in the same way as the previous editions. The president of the 7 Wonders - Luis Segadães, believes that the theme of the villages is common to most Portuguese and says that this is an inspiring project, intended to "enhance an unknown of Portugal,that has plenty of opportunities."

Previous editions of the 7 Wonders had a direct impact on tourism in Portugal. The Monastery of Alcobaça and the Mira de Aire Caves saw visits increase 40% after his election and Almourol Castle turned into a space, appropriate to receive tourists. "I have no doubt that the Villages of Portugal will generate results of great visibility as we have had in the past," says Luis Segadães.



Source: Expresso


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