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15 000 More People In Lisbon Airport

15 000 New Passengers

An increase on the commercial flights by 15,000 in the first eleven months of 2016, compared to the year 2015


By the end of November 2016, Lisbon Airport accounted 605,000 passengers more, comparing to the whole year 2015, and had the highest year-on-year growth in recent years, surpassing the 20% increase for the first time. Overall, the Humberto Delgado Airport grew 21.1 percentage points in November, bringing the cumulative total this year up to 20.69 million, which is two million more than in the first eleven months of 2015.

In less than a year, the Airport Humberto Delgado recorded 1.72 million passenger on 13,783 commercial flights to and from Lisbon, with increase of almost 300,000 passengers in more than 1.6 thousand flights a year ago. With this result in November, the airport reached 20.69 million commercial passengers, an average increase of 10.9% over the same month of the previous year. The total number of commercial flights for the first eleven months of 2016 was 164.2 thousand, almost 15,000 flights more than a year ago.



Source: PressTUR

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