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More Americans Than Ever In Lisbon For Christmas

Americans In Portugal For Christmas

TAP on expansion into the North American market, contributing to this growth


The indicators show that December is going to be very positive in terms of revenues, generated by tourists, similar to the number, recorded throughout the year. Although the hotel occupancy rate has not yet been accounted for, Vítor Costa, director of Turismo de Lisboa, believes that "we continue to grow, both in the quantity of tourists and in revenues. This month is going to be better than last year. "

According to Vítor Costa, the reasons for growth are related to a greater promotion of tourism by the airways and to the fact, that people are increasingly giving priority to travel. "We will have more French tourists, than Spanish, for the first time, that has always been our strongest market. This will be the great news this year, "said the director of Lisbon Tourism.

In addition to French and Spanish, there are more English tourists visiting Lisbon, by registering now an increase of US tourists coming. TAP's focus on expanding to the North American market has contributed to this growth. The company set a new monthly record in November 2016, carrying 25.2% more passengers than in the same month of 2015.



Source: Expresso

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