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Time Out Market In London and New York

New Time Out Markets

The concept created in Portugal is going abroad in less than two years


Time Out, the international lifestyle magazine as well present in Lisbon and Porto, is preparing to internationalize the concept launched in Lisbon in 2014. The first Time Out Market took place in the Portuguese capital two years ago and registers 3 million visits per year . The Time Out Market of Ribeira Market is the first of the city markets network. The next one will be opened in Porto in 2017.

After the Porto market, it is planned to open Time Out Markets in London, New York and Miami. Internationalization is about implementing the concept, as it was done in Lisbon. The local newsroom chooses the best restaurants and projects and invites them to join the list of businesses present to build a local market.

The Time Out Market's strategy is to attract locals for engaging tourists, this has resulted in unexpected numbers, which is 3 million annual visitors, 70% of which are tourists. In addition to the restaurant space with 23 mini-restaurants, Time Out Market also has Time Out Academy and Studio, a concert hall where concerts and exhibitions are organized.

Time Out Market of Ribeira Market opened in 2014, the magazine launched five years earlier. It is in a building built in 1882, totaling 32,000 m2. The space has 800 seats, a showroom for 900 people and twelve bars and shops. There are 45,000 to 70,000 people on the market per week.



Source: Economia Online


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