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Alto Douro Has Been World Heritage For 15 Years

Douro Is World Heritage

The aim is not to spread the Douro as a tourist destination.


The Douro external recognition of excellence - was one of the main achievements of the region, since its classification by Unesco for already 15 years. The main benefits, with this achievement, were the external recognition and the international spread. Over the last 15 years there has been a commitment to qualify tourism in the region, with more quality accommodation and catering, as well as new infrastructure and cultural programs.

In terms of infrastructure, it built the Marão Tunnel and transmontana motorway, improving the accessibility of the region. A great bet was made in territorial marketing, from the classification, especially in foreign markets, which has resulted in increased demand in the region by the foreigners. However, although tourism has increased in the region, the goal is not to spread the Douro as a tourist destination.

We are and will be in a classified landscape, intact and fragile in its genesis, authentic and genuine, that requires special planning and management care," says Ricardo Magalhães, vice president of the Commission for Regional Coordination and Development of the North (CCDR-N) . Despite the controversy regarding the Foz Tua dam, whose construction has come to endanger the UNESCO classification, Ricardo Magalhaes believes the Douro will still have a room for new major projects.

In the upcoming years, the goal becomes to continue to focus on the internationalization of the Douro World Heritage brand and invest in the revitalization of cities and towns, in order to not only make the territory attractive for visitors and investors. In 2011 Alto Douro Vinhateiro was added to the list of World Heritage of Humanity, in the category of Evolutionary and Living Cultural Landscape, covering a classified area of 24 600 hectares, corresponding to thirteen municipalities.



Source: Diário de Notícias


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