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Lisbon Is One of the Most Popular New Year Destinations

Lisbon Is a Popular New Year Destination

The Portuguese capital is in the list of cities, where people tend to spend the most time, opting for an average six day stay.


Lisbon is among Europe's most sought after destinations by foreigners for the New Year 2016 to 2017. The conclusion was drawn from a study released by Trivago which puts the Portuguese capital on 14th place in the order of preference. On the podium are: London, Amsterdam and Paris.

The Germans, the French and the English are the ones that have the most interest in visiting the country at this time, and Lisbon is the most sought-after Portuguese city, except for the British, with a preference for Funchal. Lisbon is the cheapest destination of the top 15 destinations, with an average cost of 113 euros per night. Among the lowest cost destinations are Zakopane in Poland and Madrid in Spain with average costs of € 114 and € 121.

The cities where it is most expensive to celebrate New Year's Eve are Edinburgh in Scotland with an average cost of € 285 per night, Amsterdam in the Netherlands with a cost of € 238 and Venice in Italy at € 216. The Portuguese capital, like Madrid, is one of the cities on the list, where people stay longer, choosing to spend on average six days.

At the top of the Portuguese preferences for New Year's Eve are the: Porto, Lisbon, London, Paris, Funchal, Albufeira, Madrid, Figueira da Foz, Amsterdam and Covilhã / Serra da Estrela. This year, the Portuguese are willing to pay 22.41% more per night than in 2015, that is, € 142/per night on average.



Source: Observador

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