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Many Famous Movies Were Shot In Lisbon

Films Shot In Lisbon

Discover some films with scenes in Lisbon


The Oscars 2017 winners are already know, so now it’s time for you to discover some other movies, shot in Lisbon. In fact, the Portuguese capital and its charm are not unknown by foreigners, not even for international names of the Seventh Art.

Find here some of the movies that had as scenario, for some scenes or even the script, the city of Lisbon:


007 – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

The famous cinema agent has had some missions on the Portuguese capital in this production of Peter R. Hunt, the sixth of James Bond series. Besides the beach in Guincho, Cascais, the Casino Estoril (place that has inspired the author for the series) and the Hotel Palácio do Estoril are also highlighted amongst the opening scenes of the story, when James Bond saves and falls in love with the elegant countess Teresa di Vicenzo. The kidnap of the loved-one takes him on trips across other European cities and by their meeting at the end they return to Lisbon.


Lisbon Story (1994)

Director Wim Wenders has chosen Lisbon not only as a place for filming but also for the script. In this movie, a cinema director is filming a story about Lisbon, to which he makes his friend Winter in charge of sound. When the director disappears with an unfished work, Winter keeps its development, in love with the city and a singer, Teresa Salgueiro.


Night Train to Lisbon, 2013

An unexpected journey is the departure point to discover Lisbon. In this film from Billie August, based on Pascal Mercier’s novel, Professor Raimund Gregorius (Jeremy Irons) acquires, in dramatic circumstances, a train ticket to the Portuguese capital. Along the intricate journey started by the book keeping the ticket, Raimund unveils its mysteries, meeting Portuguese people and several Lisbon places, like Belem pier, Prazeres cemetery or Santa Apolónia station.


Casanova Variations (2014)

The greatest seducer in History is here on the spotlight, in a movie that mixes cinema and opera. Old and alone, Casanova (John Malkovich) meets with please a visit from a friend, reminding him with sorrow and enthusiasm his time of glory and passions, revealing at the same time his fear of death. This Portuguese, French, Austrian and German co-production, based on Giacomo Casanova memoirs, casts some portuguese actors and lyrical singers. Entirely shot in Portugal, the movie has chosen in Lisbon as scenarios São Carlos Theatre, Queluz Palace and the library of Ajuda National Palace.



For those who love cinema, we suggest the touristic visit Lisbon Movie Tour to get to know some of the most important places of several films shot in Lisbon.

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