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Radio Palace Is an Art Gallery Until 30th June

Art Gallery In Radio Palace

Visit the 12 artists at the art gallery in Radio Palace


The closing date for the exhibition Resgate/Sauvetage, showing at the historical Radio Palace, has been extended to 30th June 2017. This art gallery presents works from 12 portuguese and French artists. With the intent of promoting this XIX century palace the artists have filled its three floors with different pieces, from sculpture to art installation, painting and video art.

We remind you this is an open art house, opened to the public from Monday to Saturday between 12pm to 8 pm, with free entrance. Visit the exhibition to discover not only art pieces but also an historical building that gave life to radio in Portugal in 1935.


The 17 art pieces in exhibition at Radio Palace


“Underwater Love” by Ding Dong atelier


Ding Dong Atelier has created a unique decoration for a living room, comprising different materials, allusive to the sea, to bring life back to a relaxed noble salon. Inside a XIX century palace, by the hand of these creative collective from Porto, a comfortable and contemporary space has born, with urban and mystical traits much appreciated by the bourgeoisie of the time. Mixing the delicate techniques from two centuries ago and the exclusive hand painted wallpapers the decoration work creates an exceptional interior and suited to present times.

Ding Dong

“Primavera” by Bela Silva e Hugo Luz


In this exhibition, Bela Silva was challenged to work over ten lamp bases, made of faience and drawn by the architect Hugo Lux. This lamp bases follow a cylindrical form multiplied according to an ancient handmade process, that doesn’t allow two pieces alike. These were singularly painted by Bela Silva, a different art work from what the sculptural one the artist does.



“Sem Título” by Bruno Bastos


Originally designed to the Palace of Marquês de Pombal this sculpture aims to represent the nature inside itself, in a position close to a baroque fear of the void. This piece is a modern mimesis, with the techniques and the materials vividly assumed in it: the rusty iron, the visible welds and the geometrical cuts, in an anti-natural position.



“Contêiner” by Carolina Duarte


The artist has made a live size amphora – object to keep in the wine – aiming to revive the traditions of the palace’s noble era, with a culture of leisure and sumptuous outdoor picnics with exotic fruit, bread and wine. To create this amphora the artist has used an imperishable material, LANA wood used for construction, giving the piece a rustic and durable character like the wine.


"Infinito" by Eulalie Juster


A video projet that places the ocean at the center of the story.



“A Fonte” by Eulalie Juster


This film project presents a video installation placing the ocean as its focus. He feeds bellies, commands movements, and generates histories. The fishermen village turns into a theatre with characters that come and go, work, talk according to their own rhythm. The viewers are invited to visit the attic in Radio Palace, whose massive structure evokes an inverted boat hull.

A Fonte.

“Pescadora” by Eulalie Juster


This is also a video installation, whose main character is Julinha. Living close to Lisbon, at Fonte da Telha, Julinha is the first fisherwoman in Portugal and in whom this work is focused.



“Fertilidade” by Jéssica Burrinha


This sculpture piece is produced in faience and iron. The main focus of this piece is the dissemination of the fruit, their renewal and development throw life.



“Sopro de vida” by Jéssica Burrinha


Another piece in faience signed by Jéssica Burrinha evokes the myth of Zephyr and Flora reflecting balance and nature. The soft wind blows the pollen away, allowing it to fecundate and to give birth to new vegetation. The idea of bringing the outside to the inside, the wind bringing life and life spreading: that is the aim of this piece.



“Pólos” by Mariana Sousa


This sculpture made with hand shaped cast was conceptually and aesthetically conceived according to the theme of inseparable opposites that complement and balance each other, like negative and positive poles. These two opposite shapes, complementing each other and existing necessarily with one another, were based on an interpretation of a baroque sculptural element.



“Reveil” by Miguel Rodrigues


This art piece is made on PVC suggests a reality of opulence here revisited in new shapes and materials. It resembles a sleeping room now waking up in a contemporary mix between its history and its future. The awakening of a room but also the awakening of a new path, of a city: of Lisbon. The return to a golden age today plastic and fast.

Miguel Rodrigues

“Segunda Respiração” by Pauline Guerrier


This work presents a tree made of boat ropes (nylon), primarily tools used on fishing nets – the feeding basis of costal inhabitants -, representing the lung of the palace. This tree gives a second blow to the building itself as well as to the materials it comprises.




"Sauvetage en Folie" by Inès et Lison De Laborde

Created by two sisters of 8 and 10 years old this work represents the beach, the happiness and the sun, remind directly the touristical phenomenon growing each day in Portugal. Inside the same room, Lison and Inès have created a sort of apologie to the protection of the portuguese natural environment.



“Surface” by Pauline Guerrier


An art installation made of neon, glass and nylon presents itself first as luminous horizon. When getting closer to this piece, the spectator discovers a floating surface fixed in time and space. Suspended through nylon wires and using a fine tube of blue neon, this piece is meant to be travelled. The spectator is challenged to decide its path freely.

Pauline Guerrier.jpg

“Aquila” de Sarah Valente


This is another installation comprising lightened wood boxes with plexiglass prints. This art installation establishes a connection beween the greatness of the ocean and that of the space. The 88 pictures taken around Lisbon shown capture the reflexes of the sun on the water and their variations, evoking a reinvented celestial map. These constellations enlightened thanks to electricity remind us of the luminous pollution that renders stars invisible, pushing them away from the sky.



“O Sétimo Continente” by Sarah Valente


The seventh continent is an installation inspired on the discovery of Captain Charles Moore in the Pacific: an extension of 3.5 km2 of 90% plastic waste. This art piece comprises 7 water bottles lightened up in their center, suspended. The shadows projected remind us the surface of a sea in movement. The bottles reveal this way a call from the ocean invaded by our garbage.



“Abandono” by Sofia Arez


This creation of Sofia Arez is composed by three oil paintings on canvas. The paintings of Sofia Arez reveal a preforming bio-logical. These art pieces are like vicissitudes in life: they may be interpreted in different ways according to different days. They may be sad, melancholic or, in contrast, the may find the light. Through the opacity created by the overlapping of branches and leaves there is always a memory of the hours of light. A transparency that grows with time, that guesses light throw matter. A confidence diffused on what is beyond the surface of things and the world itself.



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