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My Lisboa With Alice Vieira

My Lisboa With Alice Vieira

“There is no light as the one in Lisbon, with its variations during the day”


Why Lisbon?

I was born in Lisbon and, except for some periods away, this is where I live. This is where I have Tagus, this is where I have my coffee shops, this is where most of my friends live and I’m a friend-dependent.

Tagus River

What makes the difference in the capital?

There is no light as that of Lisbon, with it variations during the day.


What was the last discovery you made in Lisbon?

That despite our concerns during the works and РI agree Рdespite the loss of parking places, it is such a pleasure to walk by the morning in Avenida da Rep̼blica!

Avenida da República

Which is your favorite restaurant?

The Colina. We know each other for over 40 years… The food is great and the employees grow old with us, which is a good sign.


When you need a place to rest in the city, where do you go?

Home. I’m there for such a short time… And there is nothing that relaxes me more than to call half dozen of my friends and invite them for dinner, and cook for them…


Which is the best kept secret of Lisbon?

The S. Gens chair, where pregnant women (including the queens) used to sit down to have as it was called “a small hour”. I’ll give a candy to whoever knows where it is.

Where is your favorite place for shopping?

At Vida Portuguesa, in Rua Ivens. One of the employees even calls me grandmother…

A Vida Portuguesa

If you had to recommend a cultural space in the city, which would it be?

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.


Describe Lisbon in one word



Give us one idea for Lisbon...

To end those nonsenses of English names, especially at the shops downtown… ”eat and drink”, “hostel of the poets”, “clothes for humans”, “come and run with us”, “don’t let your shoes own you”, “new prices” and so on… What is going on? 

Who is Alice Vieira?

Portuguese author of children and juvenile books, born in 1943. In matters of Literature, she has won in 1979 the prize of kids’ international year with Rosa, Minha Irmã Rosa. She has been publishing regularly works in volume – such as Chocolate à Chuva (1982) and Graças e Desgraças da Corte de El-Rei Tadinho (1984) -, being at the same time a writer for Diário de Notícias and is the editorial responsible for children and juvenile literature.



Where to find her?

Facebook: facebook.com/alice.vieira



Photo credit: http://www.publico.pt/

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